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How Semantics3 set up a 24/7 sales machine to connect with billion dollar companies

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Semantics3 has built the world’s largest product and pricing database to empower enterprises and small businesses and drive the next generation of e-commerce.


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About Semantics3

Semantics3 is an ecommerce data and AI company. It offers solutions for ecommerce centric marketplaces (catalog licensing, data enrichment & seller on-boarding) and logistics companies(HTS/tariff classification & attribute enrichment).

Semantics3 had developed a new product for logistics to help logistics companies with H/S tariff classifications.

Since Semantics3 was in the product iteration phase, they needed to find relevant leads in the logistics field with whom they could connect.

The Challenge

“We engaged with Amplemarket in the hope that it would allow us to connect with leads and set up conversations that would allow us to validate our product.”


Semantics3 needed to find relevant leads in the logistics sector, send them a personalized email campaign and quickly A/B test which product features would resonate the most with their target audience necessities.

Semantics3 goal was to use Amplemarket to help their sales team in the following 3 missions:

  1. Find relevant leads for the new product
  2. A/B test different messages
  3. Be able to follow up with leads easily

“Amplemarket is definitely the top of the list of service providers I recommend to others - I am confident enough that I would recommend them with no qualms at all!”


The Solution

With Amplemarket, Semantics3 was able to set up an outbound sales machine dedicated to targeting the 100 largest logistics companies in the world.

In this case, the decision makers being contacted were spread throughout the world and Amplemarket allowed Semantics3 to set up a sales machine that worked across different time zones and responded to emails 24/7.

“We could really rely on Amplemarket to get things done. The software was responsive, clear, and gained our trust almost as if it was part of the internal team. ”


The Results

With the help of Amplemarket, Semantics3 was able to maintain 330 different conversations with prospects and understand which were the hair on fire problems for the logistics companies.

Amplemarket allowed Semantics3 to book calls with key decision makers within publicly traded billion dollar companies in just 4 months.


  1. In 4 months Semantics3 was able to validate its product with the main players in logistics
  2. With Amplemarket, Semantics3 set up a 24/7 sales machine that worked across the globe
  3. Amplemarket dramatically simplified the time spent managing the outbound sales process, allowing Semantics3 to focus on interested leads

Team Member at Semantics3