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At Amplemarket we are leveraging the most recent developments in machine learning to develop the next generation of sales tools and help companies grow at scale.


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About Amplemarket

When three scientists launched their own Shopify app in 2014, they faced the hard truth all-too-familiar to tech founders:
selling a SaaS product is hard.

Hours of inefficient manual prospecting, LinkedIn trawling, and sporadic outbounding left João, Luís, and Mica convinced that there had to be a better way.

In 2015, Amplemarket was born from the founders’ commitment to data-driven enablement combined with their empathy for hard-working sales reps. With cutting-edge AI and automation, Amplemarket eliminates low-value tasks and leaves reps free to focus on what they do best: closing deals.

Amplemarket was built by sellers, for sellers. We’re proud to use our own product everyday and to help others step into the future of sales - where everyone works smarter, not harder!

Founding Team

João Batalha


João studied Computer Science & Engineering at MIT before teaming up with brother Luís and long-time friend Mica to found Shopify app Orankl in 2014, Fermat’s Library, and eventually Amplemarket in 2018.

Luís Batalha


A physicist at heart, Luís contributed to research in particle physics with the International Space Station before co-founding Fermat’s Library for academic annotation in 2015 and later pivoting to B2B sales tech.

Micael Oliveira


Since obtaining his PhD in High Energy Particle Physics in 2014, Mica has teamed up with the Batalha brothers to build and launch Fermat’s Library, Orankl, and Amplemarket from scratch.

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