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Source qualified leads from LinkedIn using the Chrome extension

  • Pull directly from LinkedIn using our Chrome extension
  • Filter based on job title or engagement
  • Export as lead lists to Amplemarket
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Get accurate contact info for anyone on LinkedIn

Shhh...don't tell our competition about Amplemarket - it truly is the best outbound sales software out there!
Austin M.
Sales Development Rep
Amplemarket saves at least 1-2 hours a week on LinkedIn activities and saves an uncalculatable amount of time finding contact information immediately
Devon P.
Marketing Event Coordinator

Unlock creative ways to instantly generate leads on LinkedIn 

Export leads that engage with popular posts

Turn viral industry or competitor posts to your advantage by capturing leads that comment or react in just a few clicks.

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Export leads from relevant LinkedIn groups

Leverage your prospect's LinkedIn communities and groups to expand your B2B lead generation efforts by directly exporting them to Amplemarket.

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Export leads that attend virtual events

Add attendees of relevant virtual events on LinkedIn to your lists and reach out to them with a compelling proposition.

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Here's how it works


Step 1: Add to your browser

Download the Amplemarket extension from the Chrome web store.

Step 2: Find Leads on LinkedIn

Quickly find contact details of leads that fall under your ICP on LinkedIn.

Step 3: Reveal their info

Instantly export their contact info and create new outbound sequences.

How your team will benefit from using Amplemarket's extension

New fuel for your pipeline

Harness the power of social media to uncover new leads using Amplemarket's Chrome Extension.

Improved connection rates

Reach out to leads with context and personalization instead of relying on generic, cold pitches.

Rich prospect signals

Differentiate 'solution-aware' leads from the rest based on their social interactions and be more specific in your messaging.

Increased sales rep productivity

Export lead data in bulk rather than visiting every profile to fetch their contact data.

How to generate more leads from LinkedIn content

From finding your target audience on LinkedIn to creating custom Customer Lists - the Amplemarket extension makes it easy for you to pull leads from various sources.

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