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How Deel SDRs booked 20+ meetings per month to drive 20x revenue growth

A conversation with:

Benjamin Guigui

SDR Manager at Deel


Deel is a global payroll solution that helps businesses hire anyone, anywhere. Using a tech-enabled self serve process, you can now hire independent contractors or full-time employees in over 150 countries, compliantly and in minutes.


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From Series A to in Unicorn 12 months

How Amplemarket powered deel's 20x revenue growth


The biggest challenge for Ben and the Deel team was managing their tech stack. There was very little integration between all of their platforms (lead generation, outbound, CRM)and it was hard to get proper data from their lead generation tools.

While managing all of these tools, they still needed to make sure that they were hitting quota. Amplemarket enables revenue, but to get to revenue you need leads and good deliverability to start conversations. Overall, there was a huge challenge with productivity while managing all of these moving parts.


Deel, a hiring and payroll platform geared toward the success of remote teams, was founded in 2019. Since then, they’ve skyrocketed to success. Just under 24months from conception, they’ve landed aSeries C of $156 million and reached a valuation of $1.25 billion. A true unicorn!

In June 2020, Deel joined the Amplemarket family in an effort to grow not only their customer base, but to scale their sales team.

Since joining, Deel has experienced about 20x revenue growth in 12 months. We sat down with Benjamin Guigui, one of the first members of their Sales team, and Amplemarket super-user. We were curious to know how the team has seen so much success in such a short period of time. His response: “Deel is growing thanks to Amplemarket, I’m convinced by it.”

In the following case study, we’ll dive into their specific use case and the small wins behind their growing business.

"Deel is growing thanks to Amplemarket, I’m convinced by it.”


Use Case

Since Deel started using Amplemarket in June 2020, they’ve expanded the usage of their tool among multiple teams. Currently, all of their SDR teams and AE teams in North America, EMEA, and APAC are using Amplemarket, with 90% of the usage coming from the SDRs. As Ben mentioned, “the start of ‘every single’ outbound sales process begins with Amplemarket.”

Ben recognizes both the importance and challenges of outbound. “It’s a full-time job to make sure that you can navigate an outbound environment. There are lots of factors to take into consideration” he says. “If your emails are not opened, you’re not having conversations, and therefore not booking demos.”

Deel doesn’t have a mass emailing strategy. They focus more on an Account-Based approach. He and his team have done a lot of testing to see what really works in the outbound world. What he found is that a perfect balance between automation and customization is ideal. Ben deems Amplemarket to be the solution for this, or the “perfect in-between” where they can truly personalize their messaging at scale.

Finally, their use of Automated Sales Workflows has allowed them to save time and step away from a bunch of housekeeping tasks on a regular basis. For example, any Out of Office reply with a new contact mentioned in the email body could be used to start a new sequence to that new lead. Amplemarket allowed them to make sure that every piece of info from their email replies was managed and streamlined appropriately.


Deel has seen a lot of success over the last year. And Ben credits Amplemarket for being a huge part of that.

There are several success metrics that the team regularly tracks, including open rate, reply rates, and meetings booked.

1,205 # of Meetings / 66.04% Open Rate / 17.77% Reply Rate

With their prior tool, Deel was seeing about a 35% open rate. Since switching to Amplemarket and using features like the Email Deliverability Booster and Domain Health Center, that open rate has grown to ~62%. They’re seeing a consistent reply rate of ~14%, and are booking 20+ meetings a month per SDR.

Ben also highlights that the team’s favorite Amplemarket feature is the LinkedIn automation. The team loves to customize how they reach out to their lead lists, including personalizing connection messages to a larger lead list. Amplemarket’s LinkedIn automation allows you to send a batch of highly personalized messages, just with the click of a button. Ben mentioned that this functionality takes on about 75% of the LinkedIn workload that they were doing manually before.

As we were speaking with Ben, he mentioned that just an hour prior, he even booked a demo just through the initial LinkedIn connection message!

Overall, Deel has seen about a 20x increase in revenue over the last 12 months. 30% of their sales efforts are coming from outbound, and to date, 50% of their largest clients came from Amplemarket.

“As of today, every single SDR within Deel is using AM to start their sales processes. From lead generation to targeting a prospect, to engaging in a tailored way… all of that is automated and interconnected in our toolbox. What stands apart about Amplemarket is the support and the relationship that we’ve built over the last year, making sure that everyone is onboarded and trained properly to use the tool to its fullest. Deel is growing thanks to Amplemarket, I’m convinced by it.”

“As of today, every single SDR within Deel is using AM to start their sales processes. From lead generation to targeting a prospect, to engaging in a tailored way… all of that is automated and interconnected between our toolbox.”


Benjamin Guigui
SDR Manager at Deel