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How Momentum slashed hours off their outbound to 4x their customer base

A conversation with:

Alejandro Oromy

Revenue Operations Lead


Momentum is a revenue growth platform that seamlessly embeds AI and automation across the revenue tech stack by capturing and activating customer insights, streamlining sales and CS workflows, and enhancing pipeline visibility via a Slack-native interface.


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Launched in 2021, Momentum is a revenue growth platform that seamlessly embeds AI and automation across the revenue tech stack. Momentum captures and activates customer insights, improves Salesforce hygiene, streamlines sales and CS workflows, and creates pipeline visibility — all while leveraging a Slack-native interface that meets teams where they work.

A key element of Momentum’s recent success has been the addition of AI in their workflow automation platform. This has enabled the company to capitalize on the growing industry demand for AI to boost productivity and improve performance.

It only made sense that they also turned to AI to power their GTM strategy - and found the ideal solution in Amplemarket!

The Challenge

As a young startup, Momentum’s objective was to penetrate their target audience and start scaling their book of business.

When Alejandro Oromy joined as Revenue Operations Lead in 2022, he supported an SDR team of four who were relying on Apollo and Dripify to build pipeline for their founder-led sales motion.

"When I joined our SDR team, there were only four people, all using Apollo and Dripify. We decided to look at other tools because we just weren’t getting enough leads through Apollo."


The problem was that although the team were using these tools for prospecting and LinkedIn, they weren’t seeing the results they hoped for:

Things he was looking for in an ideal solution included:

  • The team had problems integrating their LinkedIn automation from Dripify with their CRM and email sequences.
  • SDRs were having to run separate sequences in different channels, wasting time and effort.
  • Apollo’s lead data wasn’t providing the team with enough sales opportunities to grow their business.
  • Momentum’s product was especially designed for Slack and Salesforce users, but the team often struggled to find reliable technographic data to identify their target audience.

The Solution

Momentum explored a number of sales enablement tools including Cognism, Lusha, and LeadIQ before landing on Amplemarket. Amplemarket stood out as the all-in-one solution that would eliminate the need to invest in extra tools:

  • Combining prospecting, enrichment, and engagement tools in one place simplified reps’ day-to-day tasks whilst enhancing the company’s salestack ROI.
  • Amplemarket’s Salesforce integration enabled reps to keep their outreach and lead data synced with their central CRM at all times for easier lead tracking and re-targeting.
  • The LinkedIn extension meant the team could expand their multichannel engagement and pursue more opportunities, faster.
  • Extra engagement tools, such as deliverability support and AI copywriting helped the startup team refine their outbound tactics in a competitive industry.
"Before signing with Amplemarket, we reviewed other tools like Cognism, Lusha, LeadIQ. One of the things that we liked the most was having everything centralized in a single platform; tools like Cognism, for example, also require some other tool for engagement."


The Results

A year on, Momentum’s SDR team is thriving with Amplemarket’s all-in-one solution!

The company has recorded:

  • Customer base quadrupled in one year
  • 70-80% of monthly meetings booked by the SDR team coming from Amplemarket
  • Better ROI on their SDRs’ salestack thanks to consolidation

Since streamlining their operations in Amplemarket, the Momentum team has also taken advantage of the tool’s AI to make their day-to-day go-to-market motions more sophisticated.

"Amplemarket fit right in what we were trying to do because we were using three or four tools to achieve one thing and it has everything wrapped up in a single one."


In particular, Momentums’ reps were early Beta users of Amplemarket’s AI Copywriter and saw impressive results in making their outreach more efficient and effective:

  • 30 minutes - 1 hour saved per day per rep on outbound messaging
  • 2-3% increase in response rates using the AI Copywriter
  • 20% more meetings booked per month
"It’s really helped us create those initial messages - we know that personalized emails are much more engaging, but the manual work takes a lot of time. Even if you have to review an AI message, it reduces your writing time by 90-95%."


The Conclusion

Momentum is now looking to continue growing their sales team as they expand their global outbound strategy and seek to dominate in the AI automation space.

The team took the initiative to challenge the tools and processes that hampering sales productivity and performance, and in so doing transformed their outbound machine into something better suited to their go-to-market strategy. The AI pioneers found their ideal match in Amplemarket and we look forward to seeing them continue growing!

Learn more about Momentum's revenue task automation and AI platform here and follow them on LinkedIn!

Alejandro Oromy
Revenue Operations Lead