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Follow your key prospects to their new companies

  • Build a quality pipeline with former customers
  • No wasted time on manual research
  • Reduce CAC and prevent churn
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Our users say...

The best part of Amplemarket for me was the changed jobs filter. When my group of SDRs started using that, our meetings almost doubled.
Seth Johnston
Sales Representative, Defendify

How tracking job changes benefits your sales team

New business acquisition

Make the most of your positive customer relationships and bring in new business by:

  • Re-engaging former champions (decision-makers)
  • Reaching out to past product users (for warm introductions)
  • Following up with old qualified leads at new companies
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Churn prevention and expansion

Deploy churn or expansion plays proactively by collaborating with customer success when you see:

  • Product champions leaving the account
  • A new executive joining the team
  • Former champions or users joining the account
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Why use job change alerts in Amplemarket

Tap into customer relationships

Bolster your pipeline with former champions and users who will help your business expand.

Accelerate sales cycles

Skip the exploratory calls and leverage existing contacts to connect with key decision-makers.

Save time on manual research

Automate your contact tracking and get instant updates straight to your inbox.

Automate outreach

Launch personalised sequences to congratulate your prospects and ensure that you're top of mind in their future decision-making.

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Against rising CACs, budget cuts, and threats of recession; reliable champion customers are worth their weight in gold. See how you can leverage them using Amplemarket's Job Change Alerts.

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