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How Vanta closes more and faster with Amplemarket's Buying Intent Signals (9x ROI)

A conversation with:

Victor Schwenoha

GTM Operations


Vanta’s mission is to be a layer of trust on top of cloud services, to secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe. Think of them as your automated security and compliance expert.


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Vanta was founded in 2017 to protect consumer data and restore trust in internet businesses. Their ambitious vision to put an end to high-profile data breaches was enough to get the attention of Sequoia investors in early 2021, who recently led Vanta’s $50M series A.

At the end of 2020, Vanta’s sales division joined forces with Amplemarket to boost their sales funnel with high-quality leads based on next-level intent data.

A couple of months later, we sat down with Victor Schwenoha, GTM Operations to find out how Vanta closed 6 figures in the 1st Quarter of 2021, thanks to only one campaign leveraging Amplemarket’s buying intent signals.

"Amplemarket gives us prospect insights we can’t get anywhere else. We have a 9x ROI with Amplemarket's buying intent signals data.”


In this case study, we’ll dive into the specifics of how Vanta embraced a new way of lead generation that allowed them to find high-quality leads who were currently in the market actively searching for their services.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Vanta’s sales team was to find leads with high purchase intent.

When it came to outbound sales, Victor recalls how he wanted to focus on a solution based on quality over quantity. He wanted to enable his sales team to reach out to the right prospects at the right time to maximize his team’s conversion rates.

Focusing on a strategy that could find them high-quality leads and making sure no effort is wasted, was a priority to the team.

Use Case

Of the entire Amplemarket stack, Vanta’s favorite product for high-quality lead generation was buying intent signals. Thanks to Amplemarket’s Buying Intent Signals, Vanta’s sales team was able to screen, identify, and enrich those who were looking to buy right now. This required zero effort from Vanta’s team.

The leads that Amplemarket was able to generate for Vanta were pre-screened for Need, Authority, and Timeline even before their team started their outreach. Thanks to these leads they were able to prioritize their outreach efforts and start conversations with those who had the most urgency.

"It’s a big confidence boost to know we’re reaching out to folks who want to talk to us, but may not know we exist."


The Results

With a sales function already in place, the results were immediate. Once Amplemarket started to fuel the outbound funnel with leads with a strong buying intent. Amplemarket’s leads had the highest engagement rates out of any other sources of leads.

Vanta was able to close 6 figures in their first quarter using Amplemarket's Buying Intent Signals.

"These deals wouldn’t exist without Amplemarket in our tech stack.”


That represents a 9x ROI on a single lead generation product any B2B SaaS could add to their sales stack.

Vanta saw a few other positive side effects from using Amplemarket for their lead generation efforts:

  1. Deals are easier and faster to close
  2. Sales reps don’t waste their time calling the wrong number
  3. Email domains are safe from deliverability issues due to high email data quality and higher engagement rates.

In the end, they end up starting more conversations with leads that are ready to buy.

"Amplemarket gives us competitive insights we can’t get anywhere else."


Victor Schwenoha
GTM Operations