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How HotelFlex increased meetings by 30% in less than 2 months

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CEO at HotelFlex


HotelFlex is an inventory management tool designed to drive revenue from unsold rooms.



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About HotelFlex

HotelFlex ( is a new technology company that allows hotels to generate incremental revenue from empty bedrooms by automatically upselling arriving guests with early check-ins and late check-outs. To do so, they use an intelligent pricing algorithm that is able to determine the optimum charging price.

“We increased our monthly meetings by 30%. I was hugely surprised by how successful the service was at getting key decision makers on the phone.”


The Challenge

HotelFlex had 4 main challenges with their outbound sales process when we talked to them for the first time:

  1. Find a reliable database of independent hotels
  2. Rapidly set an effective outbound sales infrastructure
  3. Have a sales machine that could work 24/7, covering all timezones
  4. Lower their overall Customer AcquisitionCost (CAC)

HotelFlex’s target market is independent hotels around the world. It had been particularly hard for them to find the contact of decision makers in these Hotels - General/Revenue Managers - and they had also been struggling to achieve consistent open and reply rates with their email campaigns.

Their CAC was high, not only due to the difficulty in finding the right contact information but also because of the lack of a solid and global sales infrastructure that could cover all time zones (the company was located in the US West Coast and trying to sell to a global audience).

Additionally, they didn’t have a big sales team and wanted to set up a sales infrastructure that could quickly start generating calls with potential customers as soon as possible, so they reached out to Amplemarket for help.

The Solution

With Amplemarket, HotelFlex was able to set up a world-wide responsive sales machine in 3 days and reach out to 431 decision makers in less than 2months. Amplemarket helped generate highly qualified leads and also test, optimize and automate their outbound sales process. Amplemarket's software allowed HotelFlex to easily design A/B tests between email campaigns and handle only the influx of warm leads interested in HotelFlex.

“We were struggling to find a reliable database of target hotels and also achieve a consistent open and reply rates to our email campaigns. We were looking for a service to address both those issues.”


The Results

HotelFlex increased their monthly meetings with key decision makers by approximately 30% while lowering their CAC by setting a 24/7 sales machine.

In less than two months the Amplemarket helped HotelFlex reach out to a total of 431 leads, leads were contacted, with the following stats:

  • Average open rate of 77%,
  • Average reply rate of 50%
  • And with a 7,2% lead to call ratio.

Resulting in 31 calls (values well above hotel industry averages.

On top of that, by simplifying the inbox, HotelFlex was able to focus on the main concerns people had before trying Hotel flex and do product development based on that.


  1. Within 3 days we were reaching out to the decision makers relevant to HotelFlex
  2. Amplemarket allowed us to focus on interested people and quickly move to calls
  3. We were able to increase the number of meetings while reducing the CAC
CEO at HotelFlex