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How CaterCow unlocked new qualified leads with AI-powered prospecting

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Cofounder at CaterCow


CaterCow believes finding reliable, quality catering should be easy. They partner with awesome caterers to curate options that your group will love.


Food & Beverage

Company Size

1- 10


New York, New York, US

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Lead Gen

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We take case studies very seriously so if you have any additional questions or would like to know more about how Amplemarket helped CaterCow you can reach out to Sean Li.

About CaterCow

CaterCow is a service that helps you discover and order a wide range of local catering options with the click of a button. From taco bars to cakepops, CaterCow provides a consistent & reliable ordering experience for over 3,000 curated packages delivered from our 500+ unique local restaurant, chef, and catering partners. They currently operate in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Austin.

“... it never hurts to have a secondary sales channel”


The Challenge

CaterCow already had a system in place for customer acquisition. Despite this they felt that it could be beneficial to add an additional customer acquisition process that allowed them to reach a different set of customers that they were not reaching.

CaterCow wanted Amplemarket to be able to reach the meal planners in the specific target markets that they were operating, NYC, SanFrancisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Austin, within companies that filled a specific criteria that was relevant for CaterCow (number of employees, industry,...).

Finally they wanted this new channel to create a stream of new customers on a recurring monthly base that would order directly from CaterCow and not just have a one time success.

“I would definitely recommend Amplemarket to another company. Even if you have your own sales channel”


“Amplemarket is great for helping companies that already have their own sales channels, to help complement that with an additional customer acquisition tool”


The Solution

First started we were able to define a list of criteria for the types of customers that we wanted:

  • Title.
  • Ideal size of the company.
  • Geography.

Once we had the target audience set up, it was easy to A/B test different campaigns and see which one had the highest conversion rate.

“When we reach the stage of a call, the majority of the leads we end up speaking are aligned with what we defined and are interested in learning more aboutCaterCow.”


The Results

By using Amplemarket we were able to set up an additional stream of interested people that fit the criteria of people that are relevant for CaterCow’s use case.

CaterCow has been using Amplemarket for more than a year now, and it has been able to consistently deliver a stream of interested leads to the inbox.

“... once you have everything set up, Amplemarket is pretty efficient and it doesn’t take much time out of our day.”


Cofounder at CaterCow