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How SMC’s tool-savvy team put Amplemarket to the test

A conversation with:

Leon Whyte

Co-Founder & CSO


SMC is a commercial development agency that helps digital, tech, and SaaS SMBs build, run, and scale their go-to-market operations.


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SMC is a commercial development agency that helps digital, tech, and SaaS SMBs build, run, and scale their
go-to-market operations. SMC are pioneers of Cultural Sales Intelligence (CSI), which is also Co-Founder and CSO Leon Whyte’s specialization.

By encouraging clients to understand cross-border communication dynamics and cultural nuances of their target market, SMC are raising the bar when it comes to crafting personalized buyer journeys. This is the story of how Amplemarket’s data-native enablement and SMC’s CSI became a match made in heaven!

The Challenge

Leon and his team had tried and tested scores of sales enablement and AI tools when they finally crossed paths with Amplemarket.

"One of our primary jobs is to test tools and be up to date with pretty much everything that might be useful for our clients. Whether it’s sales enablement or writing business emails, we’re signed up to all of them!”


When identifying sales solutions for SMC’s customers, the team have
to bear some things in mind:

  1. SMC customers aren’t always tech-savvy or geared up for digital selling. Being able to centralize and run their outbound processes with a single tool is often preferable to scaling multi-tool 
tech stacks.
  2. One of the most common pains for SMC customers is defining and finding their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)! Leon’s team are always looking for top-shelf, global B2B data and lead intelligence that will give clients the best market penetration.
  3. For startup and SMB clients, maximizing returns with limited personnel and resources is critically important. Issues with data quality, bouncing contacts, or poor deliverability will only hamper their results and undermine their ROI.

The Solution

With so many commercial tools in the market, Leon is passionate about recommending the best solutions to each of his customers according to their business needs.

“If we’re going to recommend something, it comes with our seal of approval. That’s me putting my name to it and asking for customers to trust me, so it’s crucially important our evaluations are accurate.”

So when Amplemarket came up on SMC’s radar, Leon and his team were keen to measure its performance:

“We ran a test email campaign targeting 50 leads through Amplemarket,” Leon tells us. “We could then compare the results with our tests on other platforms to get a feel for how the data quality measured up.”

The Results

Happily, Amplemarket’s results in Leon’s test spoke for themselves!

From his test campaigns, Leon reported:

  • Amplemarket email bounce rates were <10% (including spam reports) compared to’s 70%.
  • Amplemarket phone number connection rate was 88%.
  • Leon was impressed by the number of mobile connections that went directly to individual prospects (rather than gatekept numbers).

Leon was particularly struck by Amplemarket’s rigorous built-in data verification capabilities: "when you select contacts you want to reach out to, the automatic Email Validation means you’re automatically reducing potential bounces.

"I have an industry colleague who combines with an extra email validation tool, but that just isn’t efficient or cost-effective."


Not only did Amplemarket’s data hit the mark - Leon was also impressed by Amplemarket’s sophisticated prospecting functions.

"Being able to export and engage with leads from competitor LinkedIn posts or ads is a brilliant feature. And for businesses who really understand their competitors, being able to identify prospects in their pipeline or leverage contract-ending data is incredible."


But there was still one particular thing that made Amplemarket a winner for Leon...

"The real USP of Amplemarket is the quality of the data. You know what they say: pay peanuts, get monkeys! Anyone who has used email data will tell you that the bounce rate is a problem."


The Conclusion

SMC’s specialization in Cultural Sales Intelligence makes them true connoisseurs when it comes to B2B data quality! Leon and his team’s commitment to help clients understand their target audience better goes hand-in-hand with Amplemarket’s AI-powered data and verification.

As Leon explains, Amplemarket’s value means even the smallest teams can leverage sophisticated sales motions that generate pipeline and boost business growth, fast. 

"The price is higher than a tool like, but with good reason. How many BDRs could you purchase for the same price? None. This tool can do what your BDR will do and be 10 times more effective.
"It’s a must-have for any B2B organization doing outbound sales!"


Learn more about SMC's expert commercial management consulting here and follow them on LinkedIn!

Leon Whyte
Co-Founder & CSO