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Meet the Amplemarket Product Team

July 6, 2022

Teresa Delgado


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The Product world is fascinating. It requires a combination of different skills that synchronize to bring to the user a successful and useful product. From design, to understanding customer experience, and even managing complex projects and people - it takes the joined forces of a team with great talent to push forward these projects.

We are revolutionizing how people do sales, and without a solid Product team, we wouldn’t be where our company is today!

But, what do product design and management look like at Amplemarket?

We talked with: Diogo Rendeiro, Head of Product; Ana Lourenço, Product Designer; Inês Dias, Product Designer and Joana Amores, our recently joined Product Manager, to learn more about their day-to-day responsibilities and what it takes to be successful in this role.

What does your day-to-day in Amplemarket's Product Team look like?

 “As Product Designers, we pass our day today creating solutions that will  be helpful and very intuitive to our users. We must develop creative ways of having a great product that differentiates us from the rest.”
 ” says Inês.

How would you describe the culture of the Amplemarket Product Team?

 “If I had to describe the product team’s culture at Amplemarket in one word, it would be iteration. We are all about speed, being open with each other, and challenging each other every day so that we can always progress while testing ideas,” said Diogo.

The Product team launches new features, products, and updates every week, ensuring that our customers are always equipped with the cutting-edge solution in the market.

For Ana, the team  

 “is just the best.”    

“We love collaborating with all the teams. I think we are super focused on what we are doing, but things can also get fun, and I just love that. We can sit together and have a serious conversation, writing down some key action points and brainstorming about the product. At the same time, we can also joke around, and I think that’s really great.”

How would you define the Amplemarket product?

 “Amplemarket's products are unique. They have a lot of features, and they are very customer-focused. We take a lot into account our user’s needs. We try to study what would be the best experience for them and design the product accordingly. I think that makes the product unique .” said Inês.

Working at Amplemarket means working on something inspiring: the future of sales.

What's your favorite thing about working in design and product management at Amplemarket?

Joana Amores recently joined the product team and she said:  

 "If I had to describe this team in one word it would be Inspiring. They are all so talented, hard-working, laser-focused, and on point, and that's for me truly an inspiration to grow and do better."

She also added:  

 "We’re a fun, young, talented, and hard-working team, and we’re all collectively working together to define what are the best frameworks and processes to enable a great product management culture. This is happening right now. I can’t think of a better reason to join a company".

Are you ready to lead the future of sales? We’re looking for Product Owners and Designers who can help us create more exciting tools.

Check out our Careers page, and apply now!

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