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How Utrust booked 700 meetings in 1 year with a sales team of two

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Utrust helps merchants easily accept digital currencies for goods, services and helps buyers pay with them. One merchant at a time, they're revolutionizing how payments happen.


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Utrust is a seamless integration that gives e-commerce businesses the power to accept digital currencies - and get all the benefits you can’t with just traditional payment methods. Founded in 2019, Utrust’s mission is to facilitate faster growth for global companies powered by blockchain. Utrust stood out to us due to their intelligent focus on efficiency. With just a team of two (and one intern), we saw their emphasis on focused/personalized outreach and inbound automation as a perfect representation of Amplemarket’s “new playbook for sales.”

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for the sales team at Utrust truly came down to resources to scale. In sales, this typically comes down to number of people and hours in the day. As a team of two, Rodrigo and Frederico were well aware of this. From the start, they placed an emphasis on leaning into technology to make them more efficient.

In January of 2022, Utrust was acquired by Elrond. Seeing Utrust as the world’s first crypto payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection and crypto-to-cash settlement, Elrond together with Utrust intend to revolutionize ecommerce and payments.

Not only were we uncovering a large amount of leads, but the bounce rate was incredible. Where Amplemarket stands out is the high certainty of data. The bounce rate is number one. - Rodrigo, Sales Rep at Utrust.

Rodrigo and Frederico put together an extensive sales tech stack. They used for sequencing, Lusha for lead generation, Salestack for CRM and sales automation, and more!  One gap they realized that was present for their techstack was not having a tool to automate inbound requests.

As a small team, it is hard to quickly manage inbound leads to make sure they are scheduled or qualified, and their current system had no means of automating this, resulting in them having to manage each inbound lead manually and ad-hoc, which always interrupted the flow of what they were working on. Despite the extent of outbound functionalities covered in their existing technologies - Rodrigo and Frederico were still finding difficulties in results, they could not handle it all on their own.

Their focus for outbound was to target large and ideal prospects. This led to a smaller but more refined outreach methodology in which every lead matters. Unfortunately, they saw that their bounce rates were higher than expected, and their open rates lower than expected. This was likely due to invalid contact info for leads and lack of personalization at scale options in sequencing to elicit an open/reply. Looking to always improve, the team looked for a way to consolidate disparate systems and drive better results and found Amplemarket.

Use Case

Utrust was using Amplemarket on all cylinders to benefit their inbound and outbound sales processes. They immediately got all of their sales reps to start utilizing:

Prospecting and Data

Lead generation with Amplemarket allowed Utrust reps to reach an entirely new audience through our advanced filtering in the Contact & Company Searcher. To continue their outbound approach the team at Utrust also used our sequences heavily. Having the ability to create multi-channel outreach sequences all in one place in Amplemarket revolutionized their outbound process. Finally their open rate has increased 100% since making the switch to Amplemarket.


Second, they used our platform for their inbound efforts, particularly with the Automated Sales Workflows. They were able to use our AI to recognize qualified leads and process over 300 prospects a month with Amplemarket. The Utrust team said this allowed them to automatically reply, or notify them to create a personalized email for a larger account. Liquid syntax also played a large role in this. Being able to send customized emails at scale, skyrocketed the volume they send emails at.

Customer Success

Other technologies and services include using gifs to promote engagement. “We noticed certain gifs in our reply sequences increased the response rate of our customers.” They also noted that our onboarding and support teams were always helpful, and quick to respond. Allowing them to resolve any obstacles that came in their way, and continue to sell!

Amplemarket’s AI helped Utrust to recognize and process 300 qualified leads in one month.

Results Summary

​​Utrust found results through the roof after using Amplemarket.

Looking back at their data from 2021, they found ~2600 new leads with 83% of them opening their emails and 36% replying. This lines up with Rodrigo telling us they add around 300 leads a month. These numbers are very respectable compared to industry averages.

Our multichannel sequencing allowed them to engage and interact with customers in a unique and successful way.

Sales Representative