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How to Generate More Leads From Linkedin Content

December 2, 2020

Pedro Guimaraes

Every day, many professionals post their thoughts on LinkedIn and generate loads of interactions. This implies that your target audience might be out there engaging with those LinkedIn posts.

With Amplemarket you can leverage the engagement with LinkedIn posts to build a personalized but scalable sales approach. This blog post walks you through the process - step by step.

Give it a try - success guaranteed!

Step 0: Setting the scene 🤓

All over the globe, sales teams using Amplemarket generate millions of data points from their sales outbound campaigns every day. From that data, our research unit concluded that a successful sales outbound approach uses this recipe:

  • Find a relevant audience
  • Craft a relevant message
  • Send at a relevant timing

The LinkedIn post approach described in this blog post is an excellent example of how to create an approach that respects these 3 variables and increases your sales performance.

For the purpose of this exercise we’ll assume the following use case:

A digital marketing agency is looking to launch a new TikTok strategy. The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) includes companies that are looking to grow their market presence leveraging social media and common titles of decision-makers are:

  • Founders/CEOs for smaller companies
  • Marketing roles in larger companies

Step 1: Find your relevant audience in LinkedIn posts 👥

As mentioned - your target audience is engaging with posts on LinkedIn. Now let’s find them!

Search LinkedIn’s content for keywords that are relevant to your product and look into the engagement by clicking on the likes and browsing through the titles. Is your target audience there? These people are signaling that this content is relevant to them.

Hands-on - the TikTok use case - search for content containing the keyword “TikTok” and scroll through the posts to find posts that:

  1. Can be linked to your product/value proposition  
  2. Have a high number of engagement from our target audience (likes and comments)

Here is a good example of a post that can be linked to the value proposition of the marketing agency and has a lot of engagement.

  1. The post mentions “Tik Tok is the most democratized social media platform ever”. This statement is exactly what the agency is trying to sell - “we agree and think you should leverage TikTok in your marketing strategies. We can help!”
  2. This post also has more than 500 interactions containing job titles relevant to the ICP of the marketing agency.

With a dedicated tool, such as Amplemarket, you can enrich these contacts with the data you need to move to the next step. Sign-up here to learn more about how this can work for you.

Step 2: Craft a message that is relevant to the audience ⚒

Once you have the list of target contacts you need to craft a dedicated and relevant message.

Remember that the information that you have on the prospect is useful while creating your message:

  1. They liked or commented on a post - (this means it’s a relevant topic to them)  
  2. Their job titles, industries, location, etc indicate different types of interests in the topic.

You should leverage the information you have on these prospects in your message, always respecting the basic structure of a great outbound sales email (more of this on this blog post).

Subject-line: A simple example that works - hi {{firstname}}, saw you {{interactiontype}} {{original_poster}}’s post.

The introduction: Leverage the fact that you know they liked or commented on the post and add a reminder of what the post was about.

The body of the email: You should add your value proposition related to their interest in the body of the email. As mentioned before, their job titles, industry, etc indicate different interests in the subject. With Amplemarket you can leverage that information with liquid syntax.

Check this blog post to learn how you can design hyper-personalized email templates with Amplemarket’s liquid syntax.

Call to action: Finalize the email by asking them one specific question.

Note: Do not forget to add a couple of follow-up emails to make sure your prospects’ attention is attracted to your initial email.

Step 3: What about timing? ⏰

If you are able to find relevant posts that were posted yesterday or the day before, you are making your message extremely relevant timewise and prospects will be impressed.

They were interested in the topic just a couple of days before, so the likelihood of the prospects still being interested in talking about the subject is very high.

Let’s recap!

Focus your energy on outbound efforts that work such as the LinkedIn approach to leverage the 3 key variables for a successful outbound campaign:

  1. Find a relevant audience (in the engagement on LinkedIn posts)  
  2. Craft a relevant message (leveraging the information you have)  
  3. Send at a relevant timing (is peanuts if you target LinkedIn posts)

Still not convinced?

This is the type of answers you’ll get:

Happy prospecting!

Our product specialist, Samuel, did a walkthrough of the “LinkedIn Approach” in this webinar - watch it here:
📹 Webinar: Lead Generation with LinkedIn Extension

If you're struggling to craft the right message, we can send you a free template via email. Just reach out to Amplebot in the chatbox, he will make sure the email will be sent to your inbox.


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