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A guide to AI copywriting in B2B sales part 2: ChatGPT prompts to power your funnel

February 16, 2023

Lottie Taylor

Now we’ve all had some time to play around with AI copy generation, you’ve probably seen that when it does what you want, it’s pretty incredible. When it doesn't, it’s pretty useless. But it’s true what they say: garbage in, garbage out.

In part 1 of this blog series on AI copywriting for B2B sales, we explored the power of ChatGPT and introduced some best practices to bear in mind when using any AI copy tools. In part 2, we’ll delve into prompts in more detail and show you can use ChatGPT to boost your outreach and strengthen your B2B selling strategy.

Be sure to check out our ebook on B2B Sales Funnels so you can understand how these prompts slot into your sales cycle!

What makes a good prompt?

A prompt is the instruction you give your AI copy generator when you need it to create content. Whilst AI copywriters can take the pressure off when it comes to creative writing, good prompts require a little time and attention to get right. If you’re too vague or imprecise in your instructions, you’ll receive low-quality, generic copy and end up back where you started.

Here are some rules of thumb to bear in mind every time you write a prompt:

  • Make your goal the focus of the conversation. This will ensure everything stays relevant.
  • Be as specific as possible. Don’t make any assumptions on the part of the AI and try not to leave room for misunderstanding. That means avoiding jargon or terms that it might not put into context.
  • Don't ramble. You'll get diminishing returns if you include excess, irrelevant information in your prompt as the AI will struggle to figure out what should be prioritized.
  • Review. You can always start again if your prompt isn’t successful, but you’ll become far more efficient if you learn to optimize your prompts first time. We recommend saving all your successful prompts in a spreadsheet so you build a bank of templates for future use.
  • Follow up. If you like where ChatGPT takes you but want some more ideas, ask for more iterations, elaboration, or explanation. You can also use follow up prompts to fine-tune your tone or steer conversations back on track.
  • Set guardrails. If there’s something you don’t want ChatGPT to suggest (e.g. a specific CTA or phrase), you can actually include “Don’t use the phrase…” in your prompt.

Prompt ideas to support your B2B sales funnel

Remember, it’s not just about churning out content; AI copy generators like ChatGPT are also great for idea generation and honing your sales plays. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of prompts, we’ll get stuck into some practical examples to power your B2B outreach throughout your sales funnel!


1. Identifying personas

Want to ensure you’re hitting all the right notes in your sales outreach? ChatGPT can suggest buyer personas for your product or service and include their specific pain-points and interests. Combined with your ICP research, this can help you tailor your pitch according to who you’re talking to:

Utilize your ICP data and your key value propositions to give the AI context.

2. Personal branding archetypes

The above example shows how ChatGPT can help you identify the characteristics of your target audience; but it can also help you clarify your positioning as a seller.

As we posted in a recent blog, when it comes to social selling, personal branding is an important element of building awareness, affinity, and trust amongst your target audience. However, if you’re not used to cultivating social media in this way, it can be hard to know how to present yourself and what content you should be creating.

Here’s how AI can also help you explore different branding archetype possibilities:

Sometimes less is more - keeping your prompt concise and to the point tends to yield the most relevant responses.

...and build out a content-sharing strategy accordingly:

Ask ChatGPT to expand on previous answers to help you brainstorm ideas.

3. Cold outreach

As we emphasized in part 1 of this blog, nothing beats hyper-personalized cold outreach - and without inputting a load of extra information in your prompt, that’s something you won’t get from your AI copywriter. Nevertheless, if you give it a few pointers, it might give you some inspiration:

The AI's sense of humor tends to be a little hit and miss, so be prepared to tweak if necessary!

You might also consider using ChatGPT to strengthen your outreach efforts is by refining your cold call script:

Be as specific as possible with the tone of voice you want the AI to adopt.


1. FAQs

Another excellent feature of ChatGPT is its ability to roleplay. By asking the AI to step into the shoes of your prospects, you can plug any information gaps in your website content or pitch by anticipating common questions. Simply use the “Act as…” prompt as shown here:

AI roleplay is an effective way to build out your persona-based selling strategy.

2. Lead qualification

With our initial cold outreach out the way, it’s time to start measuring the intent of your leads so you can qualify their buying intent. Here’s how you can start building a better picture of your prospect’s interest:

You can adapt the AI's suggestions into templates to make your sales engagement processes more consistent and your funnel more efficient.

Decision & Action

1. Potential objections

Effective objection-handling takes practice, but although AI can’t predict how your individual prospects will behave, it can help you prepare for common objections. Once again, we can ask ChatGPT to roleplay as a purchasing decision-maker in order to explore their potential objections and how you might overcome them:

Remember to supplement AI content with your own knowledge and experience.

2. Informed follow-ups

When you’re waiting for the final decision, the time will come to follow-up and check in on your prospect.

As we’ve already mentioned, ChatGPT struggles with personalization unless you feed it plenty of relevant information. In the below case, we feed this case study into the AI and use it to create a highly-personalized message for a decision-maker on the verge of conversion:

You can also ask for suggested subject lines or CTAs to entice conversion at this stage of your funnel.

It might need some extra personal touches, but it shows how if you're specific in your prompt, you can use ChatGPT to cross-reference your existing content or collateral.

3. Contract signing

Yes, ChatGPT is technically capable of drawing up “legal” service contracts, but it’s probably best to leave that to qualified human to ensure you’re fully covered!.


Once your customers are won-over, onboarded, and using your product or service, you’ll want to check in on their progress and satisfaction. You might turn to ChatGPT for some ideas for more personalized follow-up messages, feedback forms, or survey questions:

The content isn't always mind-blowingly original, but the AI is great for reminding you of points you might have forgotten or overlooked.

Moreover, simple tweaks to your prompts (especially the “Act as…” roleplay) give you the ability to tailor your messaging to your specific buyer personas at every stage of your funnel.


It’s likely that many of the naysayers of AI copy generation just haven’t figured out the art of effective prompting. A bit of patience and experimentation is all that's needed to transform generic, valueless AI copy into something that can really boost your B2B sales outreach and strategy in the long run.

What’s next? We’ve noted that one drawback of AI copy tools like ChatGPT is that they struggle to create hyper-personalized content due to a lack of data.

So what if we could bridge the gap between your contact data and your AI copy generator...?

Good news - Amplemarket's AI Copywriter does just that and can help you engage with prospects 10x faster - learn more here or book a demo!


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