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The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Funnels

In B2B sales, where the average sales cycle takes at least 4 months, it's extremely unlikely that today's brand new lead is going to close tomorrow. But you can't sit back and wait for those months to pass by; it's up to you to nurture your prospect from wherever they are in their purchasing journey and build their confidence towards making a decision.

This is why sales funnels are so crucial. A sales funnel is like a map of you customer journey; without it, you're selling without a clear path and making assumptions regarding your prospects. You'll also have no consistency in your strategy and risk losing leads along the way!

In this guide we cover:

  • The basic sales funnel
  • The B2B sales funnel
  • How sales funnels boost sales success
  • Methods and channels that support your funnel
  • Alternatives to the funnel model
  • Metrics for analyzing your funnel success (bonus cheatsheet)

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