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New, for you 💙 Amplify your account-based selling with targeted company insights!

September 29, 2023

Lottie Taylor

Congrats on closing Q3! Ready to hit the ground running in Q4? 😎

Your latest bundle of Amplemarket goodies brings you more of the premium data you deserve, more clarity over your mailbox health, and...*drum roll*... something brand new to boost your account-based selling!

Take a look:

1. Account Pages to power your account-based selling! 🏢

You wanted it, you got it: say hi to the new Account Pages in your Amplemarket dashboard!

These brand new pages enable you to dive deep into your target accounts and companies by accessing detailed data including:

  • Key decision makers
  • Recent news data
  • Job postings
  • Previous outreach
  • And more!

…All of which helps inform your outreach strategy and gives you the insights you need to craft personalized ABM campaigns at scale.

👉 To access these pages, simply click on the company of any prospect or contact.

Access all the latest insights on your target accounts in one convenient space.

2. Access new Account Pages via the LinkedIn extension 📍

Did you know you can even check-in on your target accounts on the go?

Explore your new Account Pages feature by clicking on any company through the Amplemarket Extension!

Boost your account-based selling without leaving LinkedIn.

3. Make smarter mailbox choices 📤

Juggling your mailbox volumes needn’t be a hassle - your new mailbox selection tips help you schedule sequences quickly and with confidence in your deliverability!

When reviewing a sequence, you’ll be notified if your chosen mailbox isn’t yet ready for outbound based on its warmup status so you can make the right decision for your scheduling straight away.

Check your mailbox health before scheduling sequences to keep outbound volumes in the green!

No need to check manually in your Domain Health Center - you can also see exactly when mailboxes will be fully warmed up and ready for sequencing.

4. Data that just keeps getting better 🤯

There’s data, and there’s data - and you want the good stuff. You want reliability, relevance, and you want it fast

Our latest round of data improvements make it easier than ever for you to find, enrich, and validate key contact details and reach out in record time:

  • Smarter and faster email and phone number reveals
  • More intelligent identification of prospect names from private LinkedIn profiles
  • Better cleaning up of unicode characters in LinkedIn profile names - this helps ensure your outreach doesn’t include styling unicode characters so messages feel natural and non-automated!

5. Optimize your email length ✍️

Want to keep tabs on your message length? Check out the new word counter in your sequence setup pages!

You can use the word counter to experiment with copy length until you hit the sweet spot in your communication strategy and keep your messaging consistent.

Use your new word counter (available in-app and via extension) to experiment with and optimize outbound message length.

6. More seamless CRM syncing 🔁

Keep your CRM up to date with all your multichannel sales activities for effortless visibility!

You can now have the first LinkedIn replies (to messages sent through Amplemarket) pushed automatically to your CRM, giving you even more seamless integration.

To activate this action, simply flip the switch in your Integration Settings.

Enjoy tighter integration of prospect info for better transparency across your sales cycle.

7. Extra Amplemarket updates

  • Crystal clear sequencing settings 🤩 Check your audience exclusions at a glance so you know exactly who’s receiving what, when! Take a look at the "Advanced Settings" on your Sequence View for easily-accessible exclusion insights.
  • Keep InMail in sight 👀 You’ll notice a new “InMail” label for relevant messages within sequence stages to prevent these messages getting mixed up with other LinkedIn messages. This should help you keep track of your InMail performance separately and give you even better visibility across your multichannel motions.
  • Filter your team’s performance by domain 🔍 If you’re managing multiple domains, you want to be able to check in on the performance of each individually - and that’s why we’ve added the option for you to filter results by Domain on your Overview Page! Use this filter to monitor multiple domains more efficiently and identify the weak links in your outbound engine faster.

...and of course, much, much more every week!

Follow us on social media and stay tuned for more epic updates very soon...

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