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How Wonderway boosted meeting bookings by 15% in less than six months

A conversation with:

Mafalda Johannsen

Commercial Director


Wonderway is a sales performance platform that includes a data-driven Learning Management System (LMS) and AI-powered sales coach proven to increase revenue per rep with the right sales training.


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Sales teams are only as effective as their people - and that’s where Wonderway comes in. Between a data-driven Learning Management System (LMS) and AI-powered sales coach, Wonderway offers tailored training recommendations to sales team members and to help increase conversion rates by up to 40%.

Since managing to score $2.5M in Seed funding in 2021, the company and has continued to grow despite their limited human resources. This is the story of how Wonderway’s (very) small sales team has managed to weather the storm of economic headwinds in the tech space by optimizing their operations.

The Challenge

Mafalda Johannsen and Nicole Lam joined Wonderway on exactly the same day a little over three years ago.

Now Commercial Director for the company, Mafalda explains how they felt first-hand the impact of the post-pandemic recession; “we had great success and we were growing a lot with basically no churn, but as soon as companies stopped hiring, that was when we had to innovate.”

Naturally, the Wonderway team looked for ways to boost their platform offering, and took advantage of growing hype around OpenAI.

"As a startup, we don’t have a lot of resources and have to do everything ourselves - we don’t have time to lose or waste on things that aren’t seamless or flawless."


“We added another coaching layer to our product in the AI Coach. It basically listens to reps’ calls and gives them feedback as if their manager was sitting right next to them.”

Meanwhile, overseeing her compact sales team, it fell to Nicole Lam as Senior SDR to keep pumping new sales leads into their pipeline. Unfortunately, her tools left much to be desired.

"We were using another sales engagement platform for a year but didn’t have a great experience. There were a lot of bug issues and the data wasn’t reliable, meaning we had to cross-check with several other tools just to validate email addresses and get things done."

Nicole Lam, Senior SDR & Rev Ops Specialist

Mafalda confirmed this was a huge drag on Nicole’s productivity. “She went on holiday once and I had to cover for her and I had a horrible time using her tools, thinking “how can someone work like this?!” I was quite amazed Nicole was still with us!”

As the contract with their tool drew to a close, it was only natural the Wonderway team started looking for alternatives. Their priorities included:

  • Streamlining tools and processes to save time whilst continuing to scale their outbound.
  • Accurate, verified data that was easy to access and would enhance Nicole’s outreach productivity.
  • A more intuitive and hassle-free selling experience with support when needed.

The Solution

Having trialed Amplemarket in the past, Nicole was already familiar with the all-in-one solution. The main issue, she recalls, was the pricing. “Since it wasn’t as cheap as some of the other tools we were looking at, we really had to justify finding a place for it in our techstack.”

The team started investigating other tools but found that overall, Amplemarket fit their feature needs:

  • Built-in email verification meant Nicole no longer had to juggle multiple platforms to cross-check data.
  • A more user-friendly interface made it easier for Nicole to manage her day-to-day tasks and access support as required.
  • Integration with their existing CRM (HubSpot) was vital for keeping pipeline data centralized and connecting with Mafalda’s marketing processes.
  • Lead job change data was much more up-to-date and reliable compared to one of their previous tools.
  • The ability to export leads from LinkedIn posts was a standout feature that better enabled Nicole to connect with sales influencers and partners in their target market.

In the end, the team cut other tools to make space in their budget for Amplemarket, but reasoned that the platform’s benefits were worth the investment.

"In particular we were amazed by the feature for exporting leads from LinkedIn posts. That was something we didn’t see in other tools and we really wanted it!"

Nicole Lam, Senior SDR & Rev Ops Specialist

The Results

Mafalda described how their outbounding experience was night-and-day when they switched to Amplemarket. “When Nicole went on holiday this time, I could use the tool without anyone having to explain it to me, whereas with our previous tool I had questions all the time.”

She recalls how reps were previously having to contact support teams at least 3 times per week, causing constant disruption to their workflow. “We’re not losing time contacting Customer Success (CS), dealing with bugs, and researching contacts. By the end of the month, it adds up to a lot of minutes and hours that should be spent selling!”

The team noticed significant gains in both the efficiency and effectiveness of their selling:

  • At least 8 hours of work saved per month per SDR thanks to smoother, more user-friendly processes.
  • Meeting booking rates increased by 15% with robust multichannel outbound and prospecting.
  • Email address accuracy rose to 100% thanks to built-in verification, reducing time wastage and bounce risks.
  • General data accuracy rose to 80-90%, with the team enjoying more reliable insights into their open and reply rates.
"We really appreciated the whole buying experience with Amplemarket. We never felt pushed and got to take our time with the trial, and now our Customer Success Manager is always available when we need her."

Nicole Lam, Senior SDR & Rev Ops Specialist

The Conclusion

Selling smart doesn’t have to be - and shouldn’t be - hard.

The Wonderway team realised that their tools could make or break their outbound success and unlocked new levels of productivity and pipeline power when they switched to Amplemarket’s streamlined solution.

The small but mighty team has found the tool they deserve!

Learn more about Wonderway's training system and AI platform here and follow them on LinkedIn!

Mafalda Johannsen
Commercial Director