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How Chattermill’s Account Executives tripled interested leads with zero extra work

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Chattermill uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze customer feedback across customer touchpoints for organizations to harness customer insights at scale, boost customer loyalty and brand advocacy.


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Chattermill was able to schedule more than 200 calls in 1 year by using Amplemarket


We take case studies very seriously so if you have any additional questions or would like to know more about how Amplemarket helped Chattermill you can reach out to Jack Miller.

About Chattermill

Chattermill is a company specialized in applying artificial intelligence for customer experience. Chattermill applies artificial neural networks to customer feedback that learns from its customers data and helps them make more customer centric decisions. Its clients can then uses these insights to help boost customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Chattermill works with Customer Experience pioneers from a wide range of industries including Uber, Spotify, Transferwise and Deliveroo.

“When we reached out to Amplemarket, we were having difficulties, in 2 main aspects: Finding the contact of the decision makers within large B2C companies and understanding which messages lead toa higher conversion rate within our Ideal Customer Profile”


The Challenge

Chattermill had a team of account executives and sales reps that needed help in booking calls. The goal was to have their life simplified, by putting outreach on autopilot, so that they could focus on taking the calls.

“We wanted to be able to supplement our Account Executives with more calls without all the hassle, of searching for contacts, emailing individually and following up”


Chattermill required a solution that was able to solve 3 issues:

  • Generate the contacts for their target audience (Customer Experience decision makers in large B2C companies all over the world).
  • Send personalized email message at scale.
  • Automate sales flow to help their sales reps save time and focus on closing deals.

Chattermill wanted their Account Executives to focus on closing deals and remove repetitive and tedious tasks from their day to day operations. Amplemarket was able to create a highly personalized outbound strategy and create opportunities with decision makers at large B2C companies.

“Amplemarket is great for teams that need their Account Executives to focus on where they add the most value. With Amplemarket you can have the outbound on autopilot while your AEs can focus on taking calls from warmer leads."


The Solution

Amplemarket helped Chattermill define the ideal target audience, (in this case Customer Experience leaders) and set up an outbound sales strategy that consisted in 4 different personalized email outreach situations:

  1. Schedule meetings and coffees in cities where they were hot desking.
  2. Get introductions to people attending customer experience conferences worldwide.
  3. Set up a cold outreach strategy to customer experience leaders
  4. Define and run A/B tests for different target audiences as well as email copy testing and optimization.

“... the Customer Support team within Amplemarket was also very helpful in passing the knowledge of what they knew worked well in terms of generating interested leads.”


The Results

With Amplemarket’s sales automation tools Chattermill was able to generate opportunities with large - billion dollar - companies without having their Account Executives having to do any extra work.

Chattermill has been using Amplemarket for more than a year now, and Amplemarket has been able to consistently deliver a stream of interested leads to each of its Account Executives.

It continues to be a very successful collaboration as not only are Is Chattermill saving time for their Account Executives, but they are also able to close more deals.

Head of Growth