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How our BDR team booked over 200 meetings using Buying Intent Signals

July 6, 2023

Arjun Krisna

Have you ever come across a lead list with thousands of contacts and wished you could quickly narrow it down to the 10 contacts who are most likely to say "yes" to your solution today?

We found ourselves in that exact situation about a year ago. We started looking for intent data to tackle the problem; intent data helps identify and prioritize leads that are researching for solutions similar to yours.

We decided to incorporate third-party intent data into our outbound approach, hoping it would give us a way to reach out to specific contacts.

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work as expected. All we ended up with was a list of companies that might have searched online using keywords related to our industry.

We didn't have any specific contacts or teams to target didn't give us the ROI we were hoping for.

Two major bottlenecks with intent data we identified at the time were:

  • The inability to pinpoint exact contacts showing buying intent
  • No easy way to verify whether prospects were definitely on the buying journey (whether they were actively setting up meetings and were in the process of making a purchase rather than just conducting online searches)

This led to us building our own proprietary intent solution: Buying Intent Signals.

Finding leads engaging with our competitors

With keyword research yielding imprecise and vague results, we decided the best way to find ready-to-buy contacts was by taking a closer look at our competitors. 

Our "aha" moment was realizing that many potential buyers were engaging with competitors' content on LinkedIn and elsewhere. When we reached out to these individuals (eg. by manually exporting leads from LinkedIn posts via our extension), we confirmed that they were indeed in a buying cycle!

We doubled down on this: how could we develop this prospecting method into a fully-automated AI system that would monitor competitor engagement for us?

If we could took a closer look at our competitors' digital footprints, we could figure out who was showing enough active buying intent to actually engage with a solution provider.

We built Buying Intent Signals to pull data from multiple sources such as LinkedIn company posts, connections, ads, events, and news, and used the power of advanced data analytics and AI to translate this into actionable insights. 

The benefit of this method is that unlike the keyword approach, we enjoy full transparency over the origin of our intent signals because the data is publicly available; we can manually verify the engagement to see whether it is actually relevant!

By mid-2022, our BDR team adopted buying-intent-based targeting, but this time with our very own solution giving us actionable data.

We easily identified more than 2000 leads that were in the buying process with our competitors. With both the context of what they were looking for and their contact details, all we had to do was send them a message that positioned Amplemarket as the winning solution for their needs.

We build our Buying Intent Signals to provided the in-depth intent insights and contact-level data that other solutions lacked.

Crafting the right message

We then set up a multi-channel sequence directly from Amplemarket to engage these leads via email, LinkedIn, and cold calling.

Here’s what we sent to begin with:

We used our Buying Intent Signals to initiate a conversation with promising leads by addressing their interest in competitors.

Did it work?

An example response to our Buying Intent Signals approach.
  • Our email open rates skyrocketed to 60% and replies expressing demo interest was over 3.5%
  • We have booked over 200 meetings with qualified prospects from our buying intent data since 2022
  • We closed more than 20 customers just by adding buyer intent to our outbound strategy!

Not only did we generate more opportunities, but reaching out to solution-aware leads also enabled us to considerably reduce our sales cycles.

Curious to see how you can use Buying Intent Signals for your outbound efforts? Talk to our team today!


  • Amplemarket's Buying Intent Signals product allows you to identify the exact leads who are engaging with your competitors and proactively reach out to them with the right message.
  • Our BDR team’s tremendous success in using buying intent speaks to the quality of actionable data available and the real impact it can have on your business growth.
  • Easily fill your pipeline by snatching high-intent leads from competitors once they're already solution-aware!

Don't miss out on your best-fit prospects - sign up for a demo to discover our Buying Intent Signals!


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