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Boosting B2B sales productivity with AI part 3: generative AI for B2B cold outreach

September 21, 2023

Diogo Rendeiro

This blog is part of the transcript for our webinar: "4 Ways to Unlock B2B Seller Productivity with Amplemarket AI". You can view to full webinar here.

In part 1 of this webinar transcript, we discussed the evolution of AI and machine learning models over the past few years to today.

In part 2, we explored some of the use cases for these models in B2B sales, specifically how Amplemarket’s AI tools can boost productivity in prospecting and pipeline generation.

In part 3, we dive into Amplemarket’s AI Copywriter, which wields the latest GPT language learning models for B2B cold outreach; a prime example of generative AI boosting sales productivity.


In early 2022 we empowered Amplemarket users to leverage generative AI in their B2B outreach: we launched our AI Copywriter.

The productivity problem of cold outreach

The product was ideated to tackle two primary issues:

1. Writer's block for cold messaging

2. The time it takes for sellers to research and create a personalized message, to find the relevant signal, to find the hook, and then to craft a message that ties everything to the valid proposition and a compelling CTA. 

Our research showed that all this often takes upwards of 15 minutes per lead. 

We realized that with generative AI, combined with the granular data points provided by Amplemarket’s database, it could be possible to produce messages with a high level of personalization in seconds.

Amplemarket’s AI Copywriter

Amplemarket’s GPT-powered copywriter allows you to create the impact of really hyper-personalized copy in just one click. 

  • Users are able to leverage tailor-made hooks based on individual prospect information.
  • The seller’s value proposition is automatically weaved into the messaging in a way that’s intuitive and natural.
  • Users can even customize the tone of voice and the message length. It’s possible to use the tone of voice settings create messages in multiple languages, humorous personas, styles, etc. according to what might be relevant for a particular lead or for a particular campaign approach.

Building Amplemarket’s AI Copywriter

Shaping this product proved to be a very exciting journey simply because this generative AI technology is so incredibly new. Not only did it pose technological questions about how things work from an engineering point of view; it also presented an interesting design challenge in terms of creating an effective user interface for this type of product. 

We worked hard to optimize both the user interface and how much contextual data we provided for the generative AI to produce the best message and the best experience for the sales rep possible. 


First of all, this meant embedding the experience in the LinkedIn browsing experience via our Chrome extension for effortless accessibility. As a user visits a profile, they can - with one click - generate a message, and then try different message generations as required. Previous message generations are left visible so the user can compare results until they find their preferred iteration.

The AI Copywriter makes message generation and engagement within LinkedIn easy and efficient.


Indeed, it was important to us that we kept the human seller in the loop so they could easily review, copy the message, and adjust as desired. 

For this reason, we also wanted to provide full transparency over the generative AI’s working. This included data such as:

  • Why was this message produced? 
  • What were the sources? 
  • What was the news post referenced? 
  • What was the company funding round referenced? 
  • What was the post that this particular lead engaged with on LinkedIn?
  • Or what is the common connection used as a reference within the copy?

Giving this context enables sales reps to verify if the message makes sense, is relevant, and sounds truly authentic.

Optimized sales emails

Finally, we wanted to ensure that the copywriter would format emails in a way that makes sense in the cold outreach context. 

Having seen, researched, and advised on the good anatomy of the sales email over time and compiled a huge bank of examples, we were able to refine the prompts we fed into our AI over time to ensure consistency in crucial areas: catchy openers, value propositions weaved around prospect information, compelling CTAs, and concise subject lines.

Customer spotlight

Amplemarket customer Alejandro Oromy shared his team's experience using the AI Copywriter at

Before using the AI Copywriter, we already knew that a personalized email was much more likely to get a response, an open, and especially a meeting. 

However, we also know the amount of time - as mentioned above - that it requires to actually write a good manual email. Not only on the writing side, but also in researching about the prospect that you're trying to target and their company, what's happening in their environment, and what their role needs. 

We started using the AI Copywriter in beta in February and haven't stopped since. In fact, it’s changed a lot of our process: when starting the outreach for our sequences, we now draw upon the assistance of the copywriter to create that first email. We’re managing to make better quality initial connection messages using the tone settings and the data provided by the AI Copywriter, for example, by referencing a post or something about the company. 

We then try to find lots of similar leads that are related to each other in some way. That means that sometimes, we can even use one copywriter message for multiple people.

We're creating these micro, personalized sequences that are getting us more attention from those prospects faster. 

And we’re not only using the AI Copywriter for the first touches, but also for follow-ups. These might be follow-ups for people who haven't responded to us yet, but for people that have interacted with us, we can create a really cool and catchy follow-up so we can hook their attention back again. 

In terms of results, we've improved our sequence writing a lot in both first touches and follow-up cadences. We are handling and managing our sequences better, grouping related prospects in a much more sophisticated way. 

It's also helping us ideate new ways to sequence either based on news of the company, or what are they reacting to, and trying to get more attention from them. Those are really good engagement points that we're able to get at without losing time on research.

We’re seeing that between 30 minutes and an hour per day has been saved for each of our SDRs thanks to the AI Copywriter. We've also found that both the open rate and response rate have been increased by around 2-3%. And in terms of meetings, we have at least a 20% increase thanks to the AI Copywriter helping our SDRs to create the messages.

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