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The magic behind Amplemarket's technology: Meet the Engineering Team

May 18, 2023

Lottie Taylor

What makes Amplemarket unique? 

When your product is defined by cutting-edge technology, you rely on the brightest minds and most curious of optimists to bring your ideas to life, to solve issues, and to keep pushing the boundaries day after day. Quite simply, Amplemarket wouldn’t exist without our incredible engineering team.

In actual fact, our co-founders were originally scientists, not salespeople. Their commitment to problem-solving, dedication to following the data, and sensitivity for software engineering were instrumental in setting Amplemarket’s technological trajectory and allowing us to attract some of the most outstanding talents in the industry today. 

We caught up with Tiago Sousa, Head of Engineering, and Software Engineers Gonçalo Cabrita, João Eira, and João Bibiano to lift the curtain on what it’s like to be an engineer at Amplemarket.


How would you describe Amplemarket’s engineering journey so far?

“Being here from the start, building everything from pretty much nothing - that's the most memorable experience for me. I was the first engineer to join the team. It was very exciting, especially seeing the team grow.”

It’s thanks to the dedication of team members like Gonçalo that the beating heart of our young, tech-forward company has grown from a group of 4 engineers to over 20 in just 2 years! And as Tiago notes, that kind of expansion wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the adaptability and enthusiasm of the core team:

“For the engineering team to accomplish so much with so few people, they all had to be quite special and unique. They would take what to me would just be an idea of something we could improve; the next day they would have implemented it. That shows a lot of openness to feedback and the willingness to improve.”

What’s it like to work on Amplemarket’s product?

Not only does Amplemarket’s engineering team play a pivotal role in building our revolutionary B2B sales solution; they’re also brilliant ambassadors of our company’s core values. Tiago describes how a company-wide mission focus keeps the engineering inspired to make something people want:

“We’re kind of in a unique position for an engineering team where our product actually gets used a lot internally. Feedback from users can come really easily and frequently.”

Amplemarket’s engineers even have access to their very own in-house Beta testers with the Sales Team! The company’s pro sports team mentality encourages this kind of cross-team collaboration in order to bring out the best in individuals and to celebrate wins together.

Growing a startup poses a unique set of challenges, but the Amplemarket product evolves at a fantastically fast rate thanks to our engineers’ agility and their endless curious optimism. João Bibiano explains how this was one of the main reasons he chose to join the team:

“Working in a small startup or a small company, you can have a lot of impact. Your work really matters.”

What does your day-to-day look like?

Scaling the team and the product simultaneously is no easy task. Tiago explains how it’s a combination of “openness and autonomy” that keeps the team on track.

“A highlight that is shared across the engineering team is the engineering sync where we go across all the tasks that we are doing and share contexts, blockers, and what we need to do next.”‍

So while every engineer gets stuck into deep work on day-to-day issues, there’s a highly supportive culture across the team. From mentoring to unblocking other team members, the overriding focus is, in João Bibiano’s words, to “keep improving our code base and the quality of software that we develop.”

What’s the secret to staying mission-focused?

Gonçalo sums up the engineer’s mantra for success in two words: “freedom and ownership.” Amplemarket’s culture empowers individuals to experiment, to try new things, and to grow whilst contributing to the bigger picture.

Want an insight into an engineer’s mind? We asked João Eira:

“When I’m coding, I’m always listening to metal.”

Want to grow with our brilliant and ambitious engineering team? ‍

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Learn more about the A-team:


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