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Meet our Sales Team: Powered by Amplemarket, for Amplemarket

April 20, 2023

Lottie Taylor

It’s not everyday you encounter a sales team that is actively using the product they sell, day-in, day-out. 

That’s exactly what makes the Amplemarket sales team so special. They don’t just help us promote the product to new users; they’re key contributors to our product development and the best Beta testers we could ask for. Using Amplemarket in their everyday work means that they’re always the first to try and test new features and help us close the loop between product ideation, optimization, and deployment.

We chatted with Sales Development Representative Jacky Castaneda, Account Executives Elad Flishko, Michael Evert, and Beau Minder, and Head of Sales Raul Perdigão to find out what it’s like to work in a team that is pushing the boundaries of B2B sales both culturally and technologically.

How did your journey with Amplemarket start?

“I really believed in the product and what we were selling. I never really thought of joining a sales team, but as as soon as I found out what it is we’re providing to other teams I thought it was a no-brainer,” says Jacky.

Being a remote-first company makes our team incredibly nuanced and diverse, but the thing that unites all members of the a-team? Their passion and belief in the product. Some members of our sales team had no previous experience in sales and have learned with us from scratch using our next-generation product first-hand. Others, as Michael explains, come to us because they’re already familiar with Amplemarket:

“The fact that our sales team is comprised of people that were formerly prospects or formerly users of Amplemarket speaks to how impressive the system is.”

So, what's the key to Amplemarket’s growth success? Elad offers:

“Innovation. Simply because the market is moving on so fast. If you are not adapting, not innovating you are always going to feel like everyone’s moving forward while you keep standing in place.”

What does your day-to-day look like?

“It can look like a lot of things…”

Between our Business Development Representatives, Sales Development Representatives, and Account Executives, the sales team is a well-oiled machine that takes care of everything from prospecting to cold outreach, discovery calls to demos, and of course, closing deals. All of this depends on close collaboration across the team and a shared desire to succeed:

“We are a startup, and in order to achieve the growth goals that we need we have to be very ambitious. We have to work together, we have to find solutions to problems that come up every day, so having the ambition to do that drives us forward,” says Michael.

Working in sales has a reputation for being cut-throat and high-pressure, but the Amplemarket team knows that to win, we have to win together. This is reflected in the way the team is structured. Sales Manager Raul explains:

“The leadership style in Amplemarket - we are very horizontal. Everyone is customer facing, our founders are customer-facing, I’m customer-facing. We really want to make sure we lead by example.”

As Beau describes, this feeds into a team culture that is supportive, open, and makes us celebrate each other’s successes:

“I think the team’s really good at hearing each other out, hearing our successes, our losses, figuring out what worked, what didn’t work, just giving each other advice and help.”

Elad agrees that this nurtures collaborative growth across the team:

“We’re always catching up with each other and that’s what actually makes Amplemarket so amazing. We’re always in sync.”

Why would you recommend working at Amplemarket?

The sales team don’t just sell Amplemarket’s product; they use it everyday to power their pipeline. Raul tells us how, from this point of view, it’s incredibly exciting to be on the forefront of industry developments.

“Our founders are scientists, so we have a tool being designed by scientists for sales people…we are really reshaping things, not only in the growth team but also as a company.” 

From an individual’s perspective, this means working in an environment that is constantly evolving and offers huge scope for development. Beau suggests people should definitely consider joining the team:

“...If they really want to challenge themselves and push themselves and learn really quickly!”

We also asked Raul why he would recommend working with Amplemarket, and we couldn’t have put it better:

“For the sheer mission. We are trying to reshape how sales is being done across the world.”

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