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We raised $12M in funding. What’s next?

April 6, 2022

Joao Batalha


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I am proud to share with you great news. We have raised $12M in back-to-back Seed and Series A investment rounds co-led by Comcast Ventures and Armilar Venture Partners. We couldn’t be more excited about Amplemarket’s growth plan and the impact it will have on our customers.

But before we jump into what's going to happen, I would like to share with you some context of how far we’ve come.

Amplemarket was born from the idea of making the complicated, simple.

Luis, Mica, and I, as co-founders of Amplemarket, had to learn sales the hard way. We are entrepreneurs with a scientific background who realized that sales teams were spending an unjustified amount of time on repetitive administrative tasks. The solutions out there were scattered, and there was a need for a compound solution that would alleviate teams from admin work and would empower users to be more productive.

Ultimately, our goal is to help sales, revenue and growth teams focus on connecting, be more personalized, timely, and relevant when reaching out to their prospects and closing deals. That’s what Amplemarket is all about. Today we are a compound solution powered by the latest technology to help sales teams be more productive and successful in doing what they do best: sell.

We believe that in the future, the best-performing sales teams will only have one single system for prospecting and engaging with new customers across multiple channels.

The launch of Amplemarket was towards the end 2019, and since then, we have helped hundreds of companies optimize their sales process and increase their revenue.

We are ready for what’s next.

So, what does that mean for the Amplemarket's community?

The product sales teams are looking for.

We aim to stay ahead of the game. We are making sales team's pipelines more transparent, predictable, and easier to scale, and we know that there's still room to do more.

That is why we will be targeting to have:

A personalized, multi-channel, and data-driven solution. We are revamping our Natural Language Processing (NLP), which will boost the analysis of sales intentions and provide precise and actionable insights that can translate into more productive and successful sales. At the end of the day, sales teams won't be focusing on tasks that automation and machine learning can accomplish faster and more efficiently.

And, how are we going to do that?

Focusing on growth

Gathering together the team that makes this journey possible it's a key ingredient to this recipe. We are expecting to grow our team by 250%, and we are already halfway through the target. We are hiring engineers, developers, data scientists, and a complete sales & marketing lineup to boost Amplemarket's growth and unleash the power of our all-in-one revenue solution.

But more importantly, we are a remote-first team motivated by joining talent that shares the same passion we have for change and innovation and that will help us expand our frontiers around the world.

Our team is already hands-on scaling our roadmap and accelerating our customer reach to bring amplemarket to new frontiers and bigger accomplishments.

We would like to especially thank our investors and the participation of Adil Syed (CFO, Rippling), Ben Braverman (Flexport), Paulo Marques (Founder & CTO, Feedzai), Jude Gomila (CEO, Golden) and Kyle Parrish (VP Sales, Figma).

We feel enormous gratitude towards our thousands of users and customers who have put their trust in us. It's truly a unique collaborative experience to grow alongside our customers.

Now more than ever, we are confident that nothing but bright days are ahead.

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