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New Buying Intent Signals: Identify the exact individuals engaging with your competitors

June 14, 2023

Lottie Taylor

The next generation of sales intelligence has landed at Amplemarket in the form of our revamped Buying Intent Signals! 

This latest addition to our AI-powered platform enables B2B sales teams to generate more opportunities and accelerate their sales cycles by identifying highly-qualified prospects and targeting the most relevant decision-makers who are already considering a purchase.

In today’s highly-competitive B2B landscape, understanding buyer purchase intent is crucial for sales teams to prioritize their engagement efforts. Our Buying Intent Signals allow sellers to discover which people are interacting with competitor businesses and to contact them at the consideration stage of the buyer journey. This relieves the burden of top-of-funnel lead generation and cold outbound engagement, meaning that reps can dedicate more time to closing deals with highly-qualified leads.

Amplemarket customer Victor Schwenoha of Vanta explains the impact this feature had on fuelling their pipeline:

“It’s a big confidence boost to know we’re reaching out to folks who want to talk to us, but may not know we exist. These deals wouldn’t exist without Amplemarket in our tech stack.”

How it works

Our Buying Intent Signals feature leverages the power of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights into prospects' digital footprints. By pulling data from multiple sources such as LinkedIn company posts, competitor sales engagement, connections, ads, and event attendees, Amplemarket uncovers signals of purchase intent relevant to the user’s Ideal Customer Profile. These can be accessed in two ways:

1. Via Amplemarket’s in-app Searcher, where users can use advanced criteria (such as location, company size, seniority, etc.) to filter prospects engaging with specific competitors:

Search for high-intent leads within our app and filter according to your other ICP criteria.

2. Via Amplemarket’s automated Buying Intent Signals report which provides a weekly summary of high-intent leads direct to the user’s inbox:

Get a head start on your competitors with new intent data delivered straight to your inbox.

The seller can then utilize this information to craft a compelling value proposition against the specific competitor. 

The best buyer intent data provider

What sets Amplemarket’s Buying Intent Signals feature apart from other intelligence tools is the unique ability to identify the exact people interacting with competitors and provide contact-level insights (as opposed to general account-level data). This takes the guesswork out of lead engagement and reduces the time lost on unproductive outreach. 

Victor Schwenoha describes how Amplemarket’s depth of intelligence gave Vanta a winning edge in their growth strategy:

“Amplemarket gives us prospect insights we can’t get anywhere else. We have a 9x ROI with Amplemarket's Buying Intent Signals.”

Indeed, the new feature is a key part of our mission to help businesses reduce risk and nurture sustainable growth. With 5-6% leads already in-market in any industry, it’s important that B2B sellers have full visibility over their addressable market in order to stay ahead of competitors. In that respect, the Buying Intent Signals can also help businesses identify if existing customers are engaging with competitors and tackle the early signs of churn head-on.

Additionally, the tool provides invaluable insights into competitor pipelines. Understanding where and why prospects are showing interest enables businesses to evaluate competitive threats, refine their go-to-market strategy, and stay tuned in to prospect pain points.

Stay ahead in the B2B race with the most sophisticated sales intelligence - learn more about Amplemarket’s Buying Intent Signals here or sign up for a free demo to learn how next-level intelligence can benefit your business!


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