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Boosting B2B sales productivity with AI part 4: accelerating workflows with automation

October 19, 2023

Diogo Rendeiro


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This blog is part of the transcript for our webinar: "4 Ways to Unlock B2B Seller Productivity with Amplemarket AI". You can view to full webinar here.

In part 1 of this webinar transcript, we discussed the evolution of AI and machine learning models over the past few years to today.

In part 2, we explored some of the use cases for these models in B2B sales, specifically how Amplemarket’s AI tools can boost productivity in prospecting and pipeline generation.

In part 3, we discussed how Amplemarket’s AI Copywriter, lets you leverage cutting-edge generative AI to connect with prospects faster.

In this part, we talk about the power of automation and how AI algorithms can support the day-to-day workload of sales reps, save time, and reduce errors in repetitive tasks.

What happens after those first outbound messages? How do you manage your replies and workflow for follow-ups?

How can you help you team handle objections across large volumes of leads and know which to prioritize next?

How Amplemarket's AI enhances your workflows

AI-powered automation has been at the heart of Amplemarket for some time. The technology underlying our workflows is composed of two parts: 

Firstly, we use machine learning to process every reply we get to a sequence for classification:

  • Is this a positive reply?
  • Is this a negative reply?
  • Is this actually a hard no?
  • Do we need to take action on those to make sure that we unsubscribe them?
  • Or is this someone who is really interested? In this case, how do we make sure that these leads get the most attention from the sales reps so that we can nurture them to the next stage ASAP?

With this classification complete, we can trigger the relevant workflow automation. That is, to say, “always handle this in a certain way”. 

For example:

  • Always move “hard nos” into the exclusion list so they're not contacted again
  • Always pause the sequence for people who want to circle back later, trigger a sequence to be sent at a future dat
  • Always ensure "interested" leads are flagged so the team follows-up quickly!

This automation takes eliminates a huge amounts of tedious manual work.

By streamlining your sales workflow, the automation ensures there are no forgotten tasks, that you don't leave hot leads waiting, and that circle-backs happen at the right time (instead of depending on the SDR's memory). 

This helps you raise the bar for your whole team to operate in a very consistent manner, making sure that the most priority leads are always handled first.

Future-proof your sales operations with the ultimate end-to-end AI solution

Step into the future of sales with Amplemarket's AI - sign up for a demo to see how you can unlock your business's real potential!

Or click here to learn more about Amplemarket's workflow automation.

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