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Amplemarket updates and product news - Q1 2023

April 13, 2023

Lottie Taylor

Starting 2023 as we mean to go on - Q1 has gone in a flash but it’s been an action-packed period for the Product and Engineering Teams at Amplemarket. 

With the tech landscape changing every moment, we’re determined to keep B2B sales teams at the forefront of technological developments and to empower them with tools to sell more in today’s industry.

From brand-new product features to handy improvements - check out Amplemarket’s product update highlights for Q1!

AI Copywriter lands at Amplemarket

You still haven’t heard?! Q1 saw the launch of Amplemarket’s brand new AI Copywriter powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 protocol.

Amplemarket’s AI Copywriter allows salespeople to create hyper-personalized, unique cold emails or connection messages at the click of a button. The Copywriter works via our LinkedIn Amplemarket extension and makes it easier than ever to initiate meaningful conversations with new prospects.


The AI Copywriter allows you to expedite your cold outreach without sacrificing personalization.

The AI Copywriter draws on prospect LinkedIn data and activity to generate relevant messaging, saving you a tonne of time on outbound research and content creation. You can even alter the tone of voice and length of messaging according to your outreach style.

Learn more about how our AI Copywriter can boost outbound engagement here.

Powered-up Dialer

From cold calling to checking in to sealing the deal - we know your dialer can make or break your team’s productivity, and that’s exactly why our Product Team has been hard at work fine-tuning call stability, quality, data, and usability.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved European data coverage allows for better connections across EMEA countries
  • Real-time feedback and support during calls to optimize connectivity
  • Switch between multiple numbers to match the location you’re calling
  • Enhanced visibility over each prospect’s previous engagements and call notes when performing tasks

Discover Amplemarket’s Outbound Dialer here.

Personalized sales intelligence direct to your inbox

For all Amplemarket users

All Amplemarket users can now look forward to receiving a personalized report of Monthly Performance Insights. The digest comes jam-packed with metrics to inform your outbound selling and give you effortless visibility over your results, including:

  • Month-over-month (MoM) overall performance comparison
  • Best & worst-performing sequence templates
  • Best time of the day to send emails
  • Email personalization ROI
  • Audience segment performance
The Monthly Performance Insights give you detailed visibility over the strengths and weaknesses of your outreach strategy.

For Buying Signals customers

Buying Signals subscribers now also receive weekly updates on new leads engaging with their competitors direct to their inbox. Leads listed in this mailer can then be directly opened and sequenced immediately so you can get ahead of your competition even faster!

Want to receive purchase intent data on your hottest leads? Discover how Buying Signals can give you an extra competitive edge here.

The Buying Signals delivers details of highly-qualified leads straight to you inbox.

Outbound going international

Our platform is evolving to accommodate more languages and serve sales teams worldwide:

  • Our AI-based Automated Sales Workflows can now understand and classify your prospect email replies in 104 languages to help trigger relevant workflows. 
  • The platform’s text editor now supports right-to-left editing and right text alignment, allowing those writing in languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian/Farsi, or Urdu to make the most of our sequencing tools and email automation!

Extra Amplemarket updates

  • Expanded industry listings (400+ industries!) for even more comprehensive prospecting searches.
  • Uncapped leads per company when scheduling sequences to boost your ABM selling.
  • More flexibility in saving, sharing, and unsharing sequence templates to support team productivity.
  • Email deliverability support adapted for G Suite accounts to meet Google’s new policies via SMTP/IMAP.
  • Improved visibility over "Hard Bounced" vs. "Spam Blocked" emails to understand whether you have a data issue or a deliverability issue.

Q2 sneak peeks

There’s one more thing…

Want to know what’s around the corner for Amplemarket? We have piles of new improvements in the pipeline including:

  • Optimized LinkedIn sequencing
  • Add leads from the Searcher to existing Lists
  • Add leads to existing active, scheduled, or paused sequences
  • "Account Owner" filters in the Searcher to leverage Salesforce integration for ABM selling

...and of course, much, much more.

Follow us on social media and stay tuned for more epic updates very soon...

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