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Why do sales teams choose Amplemarket over Reply?

Check provides limited prospecting, validations, and engagement tools to support outbound motions.


Powered by AI, Amplemarket offers access to over 200M contacts, advanced data verification, intelligence, and engagement support to give your GTM strategy every chance of success.

Amplemarket has become my go-to tool for all things prospecting. It does everything, from giving phone numbers of Linkedin leads to providing accurate lead and account lists.
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Amplemarket ensures that our cold outreach is relevant and helps our team book more meetings with qualified prospects.
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Why Amplemarket is a better alternative to

Amplemarket vs. Reply
at a glance

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Ease of setup
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Contact database size
200 Million+
140 Million

30+ advanced filters to build lead lists

Buying intent signals

Job change tracking

AI Copywriter for LinkedIn

4 reasons why Amplemarket is one of the best Reply alternatives

30+ advanced filters to find your best leads

Leverage advanced and creative filters (such as people engaging with your competitors, connections of your LinkedIn network etc.) to create hyper-relevant lead lists and inform your outreach personalization.

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Less than 3% bounce rate for your cold emails

Amplemarket uses advanced data verification methodologies to ensure that your contact data is fresh, reducing bounce rates to less than 3%.

Time your outreach with intent signals

Whether it’s knowing when your prospects have contacted your competitors or tracking your contacts when they change positions; Amplemarket’s sophisticated intelligence tools help you pinpoint buyer intent so you can zero in on the right prospects at the right time.

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Superior GPT-4 AI copywriting support

Push your outreach productivity to new heights with our unbeatable AI copywriter; unlike’s offering, Amplemarket’s AI Copywriter dives deeper into individual profile details (including mutual LinkedIn connections, groups, and post engagements) to craft the most compelling hyper-personalized messaging.

What makes Amplemarket the best Reply alternative - a deep dive

Lead Generation
Contact & Company Search

30+ filters to narrow your best leads that fit your ICP
Social Prospecting

Export leads from LinkedIn posts, groups & ads
Calendar Enrichment

Key prospect info synced directly to your calendar
Data Enrichment

Enrich contact details with relevant attributes
Email Validation

Validate emails before outreach

Native Salesforce and HubSpot integrations
Multichannel selling

Ability to use email, phone, and LinkedIn for outreach
Social selling

Use advanced LinkedIn actions such as voice and video calls
Automated sales workflows

Trigger workflows with AI-based sentiment analysis
Outbound Dialer

Call prospects and record call outcomes

Get advanced user and outreach engagement metrics
Buying Intent Signals

Identify exact prospects engaging with your competitors
Job Change Alerts

Track contacts for job changes
AI Copywriter

Create first-touch messages on LinkedIn within seconds
Email Deliverability Booster

AI mailbox features to improve email sender reputation
Domain Health Center

Optimize mailbox health to navigate spam filters

See how Amplemarket compares


Using amplemarket our sales team was able to drive 20x revenue growth within 12 months!


shuo wang

CRO and Co-founder at Deel

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