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Why users switch to Amplemarket:
  • B2B contact database as accurate as LinkedIn
  • 90% email availability with a less than 3% bounce rate
  • 200M+ real-time, multi-step validated mobile phone numbers
  • Global data coverage (US, EMEA, APAC and LATAM markets)
  • Powerful Chrome Extension that exports LinkedIn leads
  • Access strong, contact-level buying intent signals
  • Explore voice and video messaging through LinkedIn
  • Monitor multiple mailboxes and domain warm-ups
  • GDPR and SOC2 compliant
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Core features of Amplemarket and

Amplemarket is an all-in-one AI sales solution that provides a frequently updated database (as accurate as LinkedIn), featuring multi-step verified emails and phone numbers, LinkedIn intent access, and automated multichannel sequencing. 

Sales teams can enhance outreach with AI-driven messaging and protect their domain for optimal inbox placement. is a sales intelligence and engagement platform used by sales teams to find leads, automate outreach, and optimize sales processes through data-driven insights.


As a former Apollo user, Amplemarket has been a great tool for running our outbound sales motion and generating lead lists. The email deliverability features are a huge huge plus too — ask them about this!

Amplemarket user, Staffing and Recruiting industry


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4 areas where Amplemarket dominates

1. Database as accurate as LinkedIn

What you get with Apollo:

Data comparison shows that Apollo, due to its slow database refresh rate, misses a significant percentage of recent company joiners compared to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Apollo has over 275 million contacts, but filtering for 'Verified emails' shows only 96 million are verified—just 35% of its database.

What you get with Amplemarket:

Data comparison between Amplemarket and LinkedIn Sales Navigator identifies the same number of contacts, ensuring no missed prospects.

Amplemarket's 300 million-profile database matches LinkedIn's accuracy. When users change companies, their info updates automatically, reducing bounces and increasing meetings.

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2. Multi-step validated phone numbers

What you get with Apollo:

Apollo provides HQ and mobile numbers but tags some as high-risk which can lead to lower engagement.

What you get with Amplemarket:

Amplemarket focuses on mobile data, which has a 3x better connection rate than HQ and landlines.

Our database has 200 million mobile numbers, 91% accurate, validated with fraud detection to avoid spam traps and low engagement.

3. Contact-level buying intent

What you get with Apollo:

Apollo partners with Bombora and LeadSift for intent data. However, this data is broad and only relevant for top-of-funnel activities (e.g., searches for ‘CRM software’).

Search results are limited to companies, requiring time to find the right contact and leading to impersonal outreach.

What you get with Amplemarket:

Amplemarket's buying intent signals monitors competitors by tracking their digital activities on Google and LinkedIn, including ads, posts, sales interactions, and events.

The results identify the exact contact engaging with your competitors, allowing you to reach out with a better pitch of your solution.

4. Email warmup and deliverability

What you get with Apollo:

Apollo lacks deliverability tools beyond a post-campaign analysis of deliverability scores.

What you get with Amplemarket:

Amplemarket's deliverability solutions help you proactively assess if emails from a particular mailbox might be flagged as spam, ensuring better engagement.

Choose multiple mailboxes for campaigns. Improve low deliverability with our advanced email warm-up feature.

What makes Amplemarket the best alternative — a deep dive

AI-Powered Lead Generation
Contact & Company Search
30+ filters to build contact and company lead lists
Social Prospecting
Export leads from LinkedIn using the Chrome extension
Export leads from relevant posts, groups, ads and more
No option to bulk export LinkedIn leads
Calendar Enrichment
Pre-meeting contact information in your calendar
Data Enrichment
Enrich contact details with relevant attributes
Email Validation
Validate emails before outreach
Also validates catch-all emails
Bi-directional CRM sync with Salesforce & HubSpot
AI-Powered Engagement
Multichannel Selling
Engage leads via email, phone and LinkedIn
Social Selling
Fully automated LinkedIn outreach with voice/video messages
Automated Sales Workflows
Trigger workflows with AI-based sentiment analysis
Limited to OOO detection
Outbound Dialer
Call prospects and record call outcomes
Advanced user and campaign analytics
Lacks segmentation based on reply sentiment
AI-Powered Intelligence
Buying Intent Signals
Identify contacts evaluating your competitors
Unable to identify the exact contact looking to buy
Job Change Alerts
Track contacts for job changes
Proactively monitors and automatically updates their new info
Tracks job moves but users have to manually update contacts
AI Copywriter
Create first-touch messages within seconds
Uses intent-based hooks (company news, job moves & LI activity)
Limited to 3 basic opening hooks
AI-Powered Deliverability
Email Deliverability Booster
AI based email warmup network
Mailbox Selection Recommendation
Select mailboxes that guarantee inbox delivery
No option to recover mailboxes with low deliverability
Email Spam Checker
Proactively check if your emails are landing in spam
Domain Health Center
Manage all deliverability metrics in one place
View mailbox config, email volume, warmup progress and more
Offers a deliverability score for each connected mailbox