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Outbound sales tactics

How to uncover timing and budget when generating new leads

February 4, 2021

Pedro Guimaraes


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When doing lead generation for outbound sales you know how critical it is to generate the right leads at the right time.

Sometimes, this is simply the difference between a harsh and a grateful response to a cold email like this:

 “Hi, appreciate you reaching out and I'm certainly open to a conversation.”

Getting timing is not trivial. And because of that, most sales teams end up just focusing on the “right” lead.

Fortunately, our Data Analytics team is on the constant lookout for new ideas on how to perfect the lead generation process. Recently, they found how most sales teams can target the right leads with perfect timing, just with a simple and usually available filter.

And the best part is that all sales teams can use this without having to reframe the entire lead generation process to do it.

This is the type of cold approach that will get you a consistent 30% reply rate and will help you generate more qualified leads.

At this point you might be curious, so let's dive deeper into the process 🧐

How to generate new leads at the right time

1. Refine leads from your Ideal Customer Profile

Assuming that you have your ICP defined or a target list of accounts, the first thing you should do is to get the search with your target leads ready.

If you haven’t defined your ICP yet, you should start with our guide on Prospecting and Lead Generation.

Now it's time for the secret ingredient missing on your target list of leads…

2. Filter for the leads that recently changed to new jobs

The exciting part about this lead generation process is to further segment your target list of leads into people who recently changed jobs (or just got promoted to a new role).

Depending on your sales tech stack, there are 2 easy ways you can do this:

1) Using Sales Navigator

If you use Sales Navigator you can achieve this on the results page when you perform a search for “lead results”.

You’ll find the option in the tab above the list of results, see below.

lead generation

New to Sales Navigator? In this article, you can learn how to use uncommon Sales Navigator filters to generate leads with higher purchase intent.

2) Using Amplemarket’s Searcher

On Amplemarket’s Searcher, this option is easily accessible under the Titles filter 👇

lead generation

This option allows you to combine this filter with other powerful information so you can personalize your outbound process at scale.

For instance, you can approach leads that recently changed jobs and leverage information about the conferences they attended, the tools they use, the recent news about fundraising, etc.

This is the type of insight that helps you make your cold emails stand out. In a nutshell, that's how you achieve a consistent 30% reply rate on cold.

But more on this in the next section.

If you don’t have access to Amplemarket’s Searcher already, learn more about Amplemarket's Prospecting & Data here .

Why target leads that recently changed jobs?

Leads with decision-making power that just joined a new role are likely going to review tools their team is using and might have a new budget to spend.

Thus, reaching out to them within the first 3-6 months of their job is the best time to start a new conversation.

💡 Bonus tip: If you further target your approach to leads with decision-making power on growing teams, you’ll likely find an even higher level of urgency to find solutions that accommodate the growth of the team!

3. Craft a dedicated message to each lead you generated

You can use this lead generation approach with any outbound sales campaign you do. The more you’re able to segment your target audience the better the results you’ll have.

We showed you a proxy for timing and now you can focus on personalization - these two are the most important factors to run a successful cold email campaign.

In this 6-step formula to writing great first-touch emails, you'll learn everything you need to crush personalization.

But in short, here are a couple of examples of how you can leverage this audience and how you could start your email:

  1. “(...) noticed that your new role is pretty recent (congrats! 2020 was a tough year so it's great to see people doing well)”
  2. “I was doing a bit of research on {{company_name}} and saw that you have just recently joined (...)”

After the initial hook, a connection is established and you should fire your assumption, here’s an example:

  1. “(...) is this change was also an opportunity to re-evaluate the processes or tools in your team (...)”

Every use case deserves its special attention, so there’s not a single way to write great cold emails. Check this resource with 100+ real email campaigns by top B2B SaaS companies to get inspired today.

Need to consolidate your ideas? Let's wrap up this...

Using Amplemarket to get more leads with the perfect timing

If you already know the best lead profile to target, you just need a simple filter to find the timing.

When one of your prospects changes jobs, they are likely looking to shake things up internally. New processes and new ways of doing things will be on their minds, so this is the perfect timing to let them know that a solution like yours is available.

Hope you found this insightful!  

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Happy Prospecting!

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