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The heart of Amplemarket - Meet the People Team

March 17, 2023

Lottie Taylor

Behind the brand, the product, and the team, there’s a special glue that binds everything together at Amplemarket. That glue is the People Team.

Without this core team of superstars, the rest of the Amplemarket team wouldn’t be here. From recruiting and onboarding new hires to nurturing our internal growth, the People Team shoulder the enormous responsibility of scaling the A team and enabling the company to achieve bigger, better things.

Amplemarket sets the bar high when it comes to company culture and nowhere is that more apparent than in the People Team! We caught up with Bárbara Fonseca, People Success Manager, People Success Specialists Beatriz Fernandes and Diana Pias, and People Admin Specialist Liliana Fonte to hear firsthand what it’s like to drive growth in a fast-moving startup.

What does the People Team do at Amplemarket?

The People Team takes care of all our personnel operations. It’s thanks to them that each Amplemarket team member is hired, onboarded, and supported on their journey with the company. 

First and foremost, the People Team (along with Amplemarket’s founders) are the chief ambassadors of our company culture. It’s no easy feat to handle a team across multiple timezones and regions, but as Bárbara explains, it all starts with people:

“It's all about finding the right people. So when we are saying we want to make sure that our team is great and that we are hiring the best standard in the market, we are not super focused on a specific country.”

Amplemarket has no borders! The company is fully-remote and currently comprises highly-talented employees from over 8 different countries. 

Bárbara joined as team member number #13 and has helped the team grow to almost 80 (at the time of writing) in less than two years. She and her team are dedicated to making every individual feel welcomed, motivated, and valued as part of the Amplemarket culture:

“On the more cultural side we need to make sure that people are happy and we are able to organize things and events and offsites that allow people to connect even knowing that we are working remotely.”

‍In actual fact, Bárbara and her team pulled off the unthinkable by masterminding two offsites for the Amplemarket Team in less than a year, first in Lisbon, and then in Gran Canaria. These short but intense meetups brought the international team together to celebrate company achievements, align on the roadmap, and be fuelled with fresh inspiration and excitement for the future of Amplemarket.


Team memories from Amplemarket's offsite in Gran Canaria 2023 - all masterminded by the People Team (top left)!


What’s it like working in Amplemarket’s People Team?

Day in, day out, the People Team is busy facilitating Amplemarket’s growth. As Barbara says, this all starts with hiring and ensuring that potential hires “have a really nice candidate experience” as they learn more about Amplemarket.

Diana explains how the warmth and care shown to candidates is a perfect reflection of Amplemarket’s inner culture:

“I feel that everyone is super approachable. There are no stupid questions, and this is my first professional experience so I have a lot of questions that may sound “stupid”!...I ask as many questions as I want of my team and the support they give me is always great.”

Liliana joined the People Team to take on a new career challenge, and notes how Amplemarket's commitment to its people was one of the aspects of the company that particularly appealed to her:

"I was looking for a significant change in my professional life! And what a better company to do it… Why? People are definitely the answer! Amplemarket has good people, and that's the difference that makes the difference. A very talented and dynamic team that works together to make the change happens. I joined hoping I could make that difference too."

Liliana and her teammates provide invaluable support to the rest of Amplemarket to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone’s needs are attended to. Whether it’s scheduling happy hours and new joiner meet-and-greets; managing remote access and operations; or coordinating feedback, performance reviews, and career paths, the People Team help shape each and every individual’s experience of Amplemarket.

How would you describe Amplemarket’s culture?

“We’re all so supportive of each other… We want the company to grow, the product to shine, and the people to keep growing, learning, and becoming the best versions of themselves.”

Beatriz’s description encapsulates Amplemarket’s core cultural values: to be mission-focused on success, to make something people want, to work with a pro-sports team mentality, and to be a curious optimist. Liliana emphasizes how her experience at Amplemarket has stood out in her career and how embracing these values has given her new chances to grow:

"Every day there is a challenge awakening in me the curious optimist that I didn't even know I had. Also, I feel like I'm contributing to the whole."

The power of these values also comes across in the collaborative spirit of the team and the way we work, even on a day-to-day level. Beatriz says:

“There is not a moment that comes to mind when I've ever had to ask someone for help and they weren't willing to drop everything and come to my aid immediately!”

Amplemarket would be nothing without its people; and we would be nothing without the People Team!


If you’re interested in helping us grow, the People Team is hiring and would love to hear from you! Find out more about our open positions and how you can make a lasting impact in a fast-moving, game-changing startup. 


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