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The best subject lines for a more effective cold email

December 15, 2018


One can easily believe that a subject line is just a small part of an email, and underestimate its value when compared to the rest of the content. Truth is that the subject line and the first sentence of your email are the most important factors influencing your open rates. In this blog post, we will share guidelines to write effective subject lines. Here are our favorite tips:

Tip #1: Don’t be salesy.

The ultimate goal of a sales email is to start a conversation. You should sound professional and trustworthy. Avoid salesy expressions like “CLICK HERE TO GET A DISCOUNT” or ‘“BEST OFFER” as they might send you directly to the spam folder.

Tip #2: Personalize.

Personalization is very important, it will differentiate you from your competitors. A subject line with your name always catches your attention, so using your prospect’s name and other company information will show the recipient that you know who they are, what they do and why they might need your product. Put yourself in their shoes and write something you would like to read.

Tip #3: Keep it short and concise.

Be upfront, don’t deceive or overpromise because it will hurt your credibility. Choose simple words, your subject line should be short and concise.

Tip #4: Be coherent and upfront.

Your subject line should reflect the content of your email. Write your email first and then create a coherent subject line. If you are selling, asking for feedback, or offering a free trial, say it clearly on the subject line so the prospects don’t feel like you’re tricking them. Don’t overpromise or use vague wording.

Tip #5: Use your creativity.

It is a common behavior to search the web for good subject lines and end-up using the same as everyone else. If you receive 10 emails a day with the same subject line, would you open them? Neither will your prospects. Be creative and original. You can use humor or famous quotes that relate to the content of your email.

Tip #6: Arouse their curiosity.

Creating a little suspense won’t hurt. Arouse your prospect's curiosity and interest and make them want to open your email and read it. Asking questions usually works well.

Tip #7: Choose action verbs

A cold email should have a call to action. That action can be a simple reply, scheduling a call or a sign up. Build that idea in the prospect’s mind from the first moment.

Examples of good subject lines: (Consider you are John from Amplemarket reaching out to Ben from XYZ)
  • Ben, greetings from John
  • John (Amplemarket) for Ben (XYZ)
  • Amplemarket, the AI sales assistant for XYZ
  • Ben, is XYZ in need of an AI sales assistant?

The most important takeaway is that you can have the best email campaign but if you use the wrong subject line you won’t get your email opened. So invest a lot on it, A/B test to make sure what works for you!


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