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May 27, 2020


What makes a great sales person?

At Amplemarket we are lucky to be working with sales teams across a wide range of industries, territories, funding stages, sizes etc... This allows us to gather thousands of data points on a daily basis and provides us with great insights about sales performance.

We have noticed that one factor driving above average sales performance is personalization. Great sales people personalize more and write more relevant emails. They leverage all the data about their prospects to personalize and increase the relevancy of their outreach - doing what we call Persona Based Selling.

Persona Based Selling does not mean that they are writing every email from scratch. Amplemarket's templating language allows sales teams to personalize and target at scale. This helps sales teams also improve email deliverability, open rates and reply rates but most importantly they generate more meetings.

Here is how targeted and relevant your email templates can be if you leverage our templating language:

Image: Personalization at scale powered by Amplemarket's templating language. The emails above have value props, customer examples and calls to action that are relevant to their recipients.

With Amplemarket you can target at scale!

Now, concretely how does that work?

Ideally sales teams want to personalize their outreach by taking into account information that they have collected about their prospects.

Some examples of prospect related information:

  • VP's have different problems than Managers; you can use that knowledge to adapt your value propositions.
  • If a prospect is in San Francisco, and another one is in Paris; you can use that knowledge to provide them with the right local set of customer examples.
  • If one prospect works in the healthcare industry and another one is in cybersecurity; you can use that knowledge to share different case studies depending on their industry.
  • An email sent out on a Monday might not be the same as an email on Friday, or even on Saturday.

With Amplemarket you can easily personalize your outreach by using the information about your prospects in order to target them with the most relevant messaging. All the information you have about a prospect can be used to personalize your message.

Understanding the magic 🎩

1️⃣ The true magic happens when you use prospect fields to personalize at scale. The following message uses a conditional block on the prospect's job title ('Sales' or not) to tailor the salutation.

Note: in all the following image the conditional blocks will be on the left pane and end result for each prospect on the right.


If you have more than one job title you can tailor


2️⃣ You can use a prospect's seniority to adapt your call to action. A VP is addressed differently than other seniority levels.


3️⃣ You can apply the logic to different locations as well. Do you like coffee? Propose to the prospects based in your town to go and grab a coffee ☕️ in your favorite coffee bar.


4️⃣ Personalize your messaging depending on the day of the week you are reaching out. 📆 (We have tried it, it works!)


5️⃣ Combining 4 of the conditional blocks: 1. day of the week, 2. title, 3. country, 4. seniority we can craft a very personalized outreach. In the image below you can see how personalized and targeted every single email is.


Get creative and personalized. Now only the sky becomes the limit 🚀.

Happy prospecting!

You can watch our webinar about targeting and persona based selling here:
📹 Webinar: A Dynamic Templating Language for Hyper Personalized Sales Sequences

We can send you the template via email. Just reach out to


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