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Amplemarket welcomes Raoul Felix as CTO

October 6, 2022

Teresa Delgado

Last April we announced our latest fundraising round where we raised $12M in back-to-back Seed and Series A. Within the goals we forecasted, we were expecting to grow our team by 250%, and by April we were already halfway to the target.

Today we have tripled our numbers since the start of the year and we recently confirmed the start of a key component to the growth and projections of Amplemarket.

After 11 years at Talkdesk, where he served as CTO and helped grow the company, we are proud that Raoul Felix joined us this week as CTO of Amplemarket.

Who is Raoul Felix?

Raoul started programming when he was just 13 years old. Years later he graduated from Instituto Técnico de Lisboa, with a Master's degree in Computer Science Engineering.
He had the opportunity to embark on the growth journey of Talkdesk, a company that was born in 2011 and is now valued at over 10 billion euros. He grew from being the first engineer to holding the position of the company's CTO, leading a team of more than 1200 employees.

Everyone I talked with about Raoul has highlighted his leadership skills, technical vision, and the fact that he is an incredibly nice human being. Raoul's experience and leadership skills are undeniable - he helped Talkdesk grow from a team of 3 people to over 2000. At the same time, he has shown that he is capable of building an engineering culture of excellence. From our first conversation, I felt a great mutual understanding and that he would be a fantastic addition to our team.

Explains João Batalha, CEO at Amplemarket.

What does this hire mean for Amplemarket?

Amplemarket is experiencing exponential growth this year. We started 2022 with a team of about 20 people and now we are 60.

We aim to stay ahead of the game. We are making sales team's pipelines more transparent, predictable, and easier to scale, and we know that there's still room to do more.

Assembling the team that shares the same passion, vision and motivation to drive forward Amplemarket's mission is fundamental, and Raoul's incorporation will be a key component in continuing to scale our engineering team to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

In an internal announcement João highlighted:

Several people in our team have previously worked with Raoul, and it was exciting to see how enthusiastic was the team to welcome Raoul to Amplemarket. This should be an indication of the opportunity he sees in Amplemarket and how excited he is about our team. I'm, personally, very much looking forward to working with him and having all the team grow with him.

Finally, Raoul, shared a few words on his experience getting to know Amplemarket:

After meeting the founders, learning more about the team they built, and understanding the product and the problem it solves, I saw huge potential in the rare junction of skill, opportunity, and motivation. There was no way I wouldn't want to be part of a great team building an amazing product that meets a critical need in every company.

We are grateful for the trust and support that our stakeholders bring every day. We continue striving to achieve our goal: to help sales, revenue, and growth teams focus on connecting, be more personalized, timely, and relevant when reaching out to potential clients. To be the compound solution powered by the latest technology to help sales teams be more productive and successful in doing what they do best: sell.

We are still hiring across multiple teams. Check our available vacancies here and let us know if you are our next hire at Amplemarket.


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