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Introducing Analytics 2.0, a powerful way to track and grow your sales performance

May 14, 2024

Arjun Krisna


We've revamped our analytics platform to serve our users better, tackling issues related to managing LinkedIn data, email volumes, and tracking revenue. 

The new setup is more flexible, enhances user experience, and sets us up for the future. Notably, the system is now much faster, processing a year’s worth of data within seconds. 

This first post in a three-part series delves into the different metrics you can measure in Analytics 2.0, followed by a look behind the scenes in the later posts.

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As a Sales Rep or Manager, you’re always on a mission to understand how your outreach sequences are performing across channels, what’s working and which sales plays or teams are generating the most revenue.

By understanding how different users engage with your messages, you can make smarter decisions that resonate with your users and boost growth. 

You need to be able to answer questions like:

  • Which personas generate the highest revenue?
  • What time of day do I receive the most replies to my cold emails?
  • Which of my reps have the most meaningful calls with prospects?

However, achieving this is often not straightforward. You typically need to navigate multiple tools and sift through extensive data. 

At this point, you're left to guess your next move.

Shouldn’t there be an easier way?

Now, there is.

Introducing Amplemarket’s Analytics 2.0, where you can easily understand how your outbound efforts across email, LinkedIn, and phone channels are performing in one place.

What do you get in Analytics 2.0?

The new analytics not only provides a better user experience but also helps you gain insights at the most granular level possible.

Let’s explore some of the metrics that you can track.

Monitor individual channel performance

In addition to visualizing your outbound funnel from new leads contacted to the number of interested prospects and meetings booked, you can also drill down by specific channel.

Some of the metrics you get are:

  • Email: Emails delivered, Opened, Replied, Spam, Bounces
  • LinkedIn: Tasks completed, Connection requests, Requests accepted, Messages sent, Messages opened, Messages replied, Interested
  • Call: Calls dialed, Connected calls, Meaningful calls, Total time on calls, Average call duration

You can also take it further by segmenting data by individual reps.

Analyze outreach sequences

Monitor the effectiveness of your outreach sequences (again, at the Rep level!). Identify and focus on the ones that yield the best results and tweak the underperforming ones.

Get engagement insights

Access advanced heatmaps that display the number of successful email deliveries, the best times to send emails, and when your reply rates are highest within a given time frame.

Attribute revenue impact

With robust CRM integration, Analytics 2.0 will precisely show which sequences are generating revenue for your business.

Putting Analytics 2.0 into action

Analytics 2.0 gives you the power to uncover important details about how users engage with your outreach, by answering questions like:

  • What’s the connection-to-meeting rate on LinkedIn for each rep?
  • How much revenue is each of my outreach sequence generating?
  • Which personas respond positively to my LinkedIn outreach?

And much more

Key takeaway

With Analytics 2.0, Sales Reps and Managers can dig deep into individual channel performance, monitor outreach sequence effectiveness, access engagement insights, and precisely attribute revenue impact. 

No more juggling multiple tools or sifting through endless data - we've got you covered.

So, if you're tired of guesswork and ready for actionable insights, it's time to check out Amplemarket's Analytics 2.0

Your sales performance is about to reach new heights!

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