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Outbound sales tactics

How Gusto is doing cold email sales - real cold email example

July 28, 2020

Pedro Guimaraes


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Looking for the best cold email examples to inspire your sales copywriting? How about stealing some ideas from  some of the world's best SaaS companies?

Check out our collection of sales email examples here:

In this post we will focus on one of Gusto’s sales email campaigns. We will discuss things that we like and think are well done and propose suggestions on things that could be tested.

Why is crafting effective cold emails important?

Writing persuasive cold emails is essential for engaging potential prospects and driving conversions.

Considering the number of cold emails some of your prospects receive, standing out in their crowded inbox can be challenging. A well-crafted cold email can capture attention, initiate meaningful conversations, and ultimately lead to sales opportunities.

An overview of this cold email example

First touch email:
Follow-up email:

Why we love this cold email example

  • Original introduction. This is an interesting and out of the box introduction that sets this email campaign apart from the other companies' sales emails. Gusto's sales team acknowledges that this is a sales email and uses humor in their opening paragraph. The email is written in a light tone and they include an original funny image. This email triggers the reader's curiosity and makes them want to read it.
  • Short subject line. The subject line is short and intriguing. By keeping your subject line short the first line of the email will be previewed in your prospect's inbox giving them more context about the contents of the email.
  • Storyline and interesting P.S. In the follow up email Gusto's sales team continues their "storyline" by sharing a new picture of "Finnley" (the dog). They are continuing a story that started in the first email and this might be intriguing and funny enough to get a prospect to reply. Also, P.S. is a common and effective way to add a special note on something you want to stand out on your email.

What could be tested in this Gusto email campaign

  • Personalize value proposition. It's a good email sequence but a bit generic in some aspects. It might be worth tailoring parts of your emails to your prospects thus showing them that you took some time to look into them and their companies and why this would be a great fit for them.
  • A/B test the fun content. Dog pictures are great, but what if you found a meme or gif or other fun image that was even more engaging?

Note: We have a blogpost showcasing how you can personalize sales emails at scale. Check it here.

Hope this helps you get some ideas on how to write good sales emails. Subscribe your email below to make sure you receive the next monthly email analysis on your inbox!

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