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From applicant to A-player: How to ace your interviews with Amplemarket

October 6, 2023

Beatriz Fernandes


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You've been searching for that perfect career move, you've been roaming through job boards, and - hey! - you stumbled upon Amplemarket.

Excitement surges as you imagine yourself joining our team. 

But now you might be wondering, "What's next?"

Fear not; we’ve got you covered! This is your tell-all guide to conquering the Amplemarket interview process.

Want to join the a-team? Here's your guide!

Discover the Unique Amplemarket Experience

Before we decide whether you're a good fit for our positions, you have to figure out whether we are a good fit for you!

Amplemarket might be a great match for you if: 

You love a good challenge and innovation is your cup of tea

Amplemarket is building something really special - we are in the forefront of helping sales teams reach their goals with a compound AI-powered solution unlike anything on the market. The work we do is a thrilling blend of innovation and challenge, providing you with opportunities to push your boundaries and contribute to groundbreaking solutions.

Like Goldilocks, you like a company that’s not too big - but not too small either

We’re currently in that sweet spot where we’ve already accomplished a lot, but the journey is far from over. This means that, if you join us, you’ll have an opportunity to impact the future of Amplemarket while still enjoying the benefits of a brand that’s well established in the market. 

You have a scientist’s approach to problem-solving

You like gathering data to support your hypothesis, and experimentation is the name of the game for you. Not only are we very data-driven, but we’re iterators by nature, so we will seek answers in the numbers, and we’ll always strive to learn from our mistakes.

Our core values resonate with you: 

✅ You make things people want: you’re always on the lookout for feedback from your customers and users, you are obsessed (in a healthy way) with fixing their pain points and finding solutions tailored to their needs.

✅ You’re a curious optimist by nature: you approach ideas with curiosity and positive energy, looking for ways to “make it work” instead of pointing out why it will fail.

✅ You have a professional sports team mentality: you come into the field with a high standard of performance for yourself and others, you have a high work ethic, you protect your teammates' backs and strive to raise the bar so the whole team scores.

✅ You focus constantly on the mission: you’re able to tune out the noise that might distract you from where you want to be and you bypass all obstacles in your path to reach your goals. 

Show us how you align with our a-team values!

Best practices every step of the way

Your interview process with Amplemarket will involve multiple people you’ll be working with. This ensures that you get to meet a variety of friendly faces who may become your stakeholders, partners, and maybe even clients if you join us.

The stages of the process are designed to assess different aspects of your overall profile; some will focus on your technical fit with the roles, while others will delve into your cultural alignment with Amplemarket's ways of working.

Regardless of which stage you're in, here are some valuable tips and tricks that apply universally:

1. Brush up on Your Amplemarket knowledge

Expect questions about what you know about Amplemarket, for us to help you solidify your knowledge about us. Don't panic just yet - we'll send you additional resources before your interview, for you to get to know our history, team, and product even better.

2. Show your enthusiasm

We want to know what excites you about joining our team! We know you probably didn't dream of working on a B2B sales enablement SaaS when you were a kid, but we want to hear how this opportunity aligns with your career perspectives and your personal values, and delve into the 'why' behind your application.

3. Highlight your experience and share some learnings

Communicate how your background and skills are valuable for the position you're applying for. Bonus points if you can provide examples of situations where you stepped up and contributed to your team's success. We advise you to try framing your responses using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method.

4. Embrace cultural fit

Cultural alignment is crucial for us. Familiarize yourself with our values, as we might ask how you've embodied them in your previous roles.

5. Mind your time

The interviews span from 15 minutes to a whole hour, so keep an eye on the clock and make the best use of your time. Not sure if a question requires a deep dive or a quick answer? Don't hesitate to ask!

6. Foolproof your interviewing set-up

Ensure your interview equipment (computer, headphones, camera…) is in top shape, get familiar with Google Meet (our preferred platform), check your background to ensure it's professional, and create a quiet, well-lit environment for your interview. A smooth virtual interview experience can make a lasting positive impression.

7. Bring questions

We encourage curiosity! Be prepared to ask your best questions during the interviews. We see the recruitment process as a two-way street. How will you know if this is the right fit for you if you don't ask questions?

8. Relax, smile, and be friendly

Remember that we spend a significant portion of our week at work, so we want to ensure we're hiring individuals we can see ourselves working with. We understand that nerves can get in the way, but rest assured, we're all human! So don't be afraid of saying something wrong - we've been in your shoes and we’ll understand. Relax, be yourself, maintain a professional but friendly posture - and enjoy the process!

Prepare to meet some of the people you'll be working with.

Navigating the interview process: a step-by-step breakdown

The application

Your application is your first impression, so ensure it stands out:

  • Tailor your CV with relevant information for the position, keep it accessible and easy to read (PDF format works best), and make sure the link to your LinkedIn page is functional.
  • Complete all mandatory sections of the application form; it's crucial for us to make informed decisions.
  • Consider applying to a smaller number of positions, but invest more time in crafting personalized applications. Ensure that the person reviewing your application feels a genuine connection and engagement with your message.
  • Rest assured, we will provide you with a follow-up on your application. Stay tuned for news from us!

Chat with our People Success Specialists

Your journey starts with a friendly chat with one of our People Success Specialists, who will ask you about your motivation, your knowledge of Amplemarket and your experience and background. We'll also discuss practical details like your notice period/availability, contract type for your location, and salary expectations.

Technical interview with the team

In this stage, you'll meet with members of the team who want to get to know you better and assess your technical skills. Depending on the role, this might involve a live challenge or general questions about your role-related knowledge. Feel free to ask them about their own experiences at Amplemarket to gain insights into daily work.

Take-home assignment

For many positions, you'll be given a take-home assignment to complete. To make this as stress-free as possible, we'll provide clear expectations for your submission and we're always available to answer any follow-up questions you may have. Our best tip here is: give it your all! 

Conversation with the Hiring Manager

Here, you'll get to meet the person who will probably manage you directly, so they'll try to understand how your skills and profile will integrate into the team dynamic. Expect questions about your past experiences and hypothetical scenarios to gauge your problem-solving abilities.

Interviews with Amplemarket’s co-founders

This is it, the final stretch of our hiring marathon! Our founders expect nothing less than excellence, the bar is high, so stay sharp – it's not over till it's over!

They have varying degrees of involvement in the business, so their questions may range from technical and role-specific to a focus on cultural fit. Share your enthusiasm for Amplemarket, demonstrate how you can contribute to the team, and align your mindset with our values and problem-solving approach. Don't forget to ask questions to get to know them better as well! Kudos points if you can teach them something. 

P.S. - The a-team get to enjoy amazing offsites...

Ready to take the first step? Visit our careers page, explore the positions that resonate with you, and submit your application.

Don't forget to follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest developments.

Your journey to becoming a part of the A-team starts here. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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