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Amplemarket vs. Cognism: How myConversation found the ultimate data provider

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myConversation helps salespeople close quality leads quickly by starting positive conversations with ideal clients. They provide data, technology, content and expertise to deliver 'ready to talk' leads.


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With customers ranging from startups to national newspapers to PLCs, myConversation provides data-driven service solutions that help businesses reach and engage customers in the remote selling environment. Nick and his team work with clients on a case-by-case basis to optimize their seller positioning and start hyper-relevant conversations to stand out in the world of automated sales.

When they Amplemarket to source data for a large enterprise client, they found a solution that aligned perfectly with their mission to cut through the noise of digital selling.

The Challenge

myConversation came to Amplemarket in 2022 with a specific challenge in mind: to support the outbound strategy of a high-profile client.

"The Amplemarket team really helped us get the green light from our enterprise client. Even when we couldn’t name the client upfront, they were willing to handle all our compliance and data requests.”


Nick’s team evaluated multiple lead generation and prospecting tools for the project but eventually whittled the list down to two. These were Amplemarket and Cognism.

The team had some non-negotiables when it came to their ideal solution:

  • Data provenance - to match the client’s compliance requests
  • Data reliability and accuracy - to maximize prospecting potential
  • Data relevance and granularity - to support hyper-relevant outreach strategies
  • Email validation - to help optimize deliverability

Both Amplemarket and Cognism ticked the team’s boxes on paper when it came to required features, so myConversation set up their own data  test to find the winner!

The Test

Nick and his team set up the following test:

  1. They sourced 500 leads for their client’s target ICP from Amplemarket and 500 from Cognism. The same filters (company size, industry etc.) were used for each search.
  2. Each platform was used to enrich their respective lead data and validate emails.
  3. The team reached out to all the leads across both platforms using the 3 consistent email copy variations.
  4. They collected their outbound KPIs (delivery rates, bounces, open rates, replies, and opportunities) from each lead set for comparison. 
"We did a proper test with Amplemarket vs. Cognism. We obtained a sample of 500 contacts based on our targeting for each, used the same email sequence copy, and sent from the same email accounts. It was a true split test; the only difference was the data provision.”


The Results

The test came through with a clear winner!

"The email bounce rate for Cognism was higher, which implied the email verification was not as strong as Amplemarket’s.”


Amplemarket proved best across the board:

  • Stronger email verification meant bounce rates were lower for Amplemarket leads.
  • Cognism data produced more automated responses for contacts who were no longer at the target company. These were lower for Amplemarket leads thanks to more up-to-date contact information.
  • Engagement was much higher for Amplemarket leads. Since email copy was kept consistent, this implied Amplemarket was better at identifying the relevant personas to reach out to.
  • Immediate interest, referrals, and follow-ups were all higher for the Amplemarket data set, which meant more leads generated!
“It seemed Amplemarket was better at getting close to the contacts we were looking for. We noticed the Cognism data included a few bogey records and outlying job titles that weren’t so relevant to our ICP.”


To top things off, Amplemarket’s solution worked out cheaper for myConversation (around a third of the cost of Cognism), offering far superior ROI!


Amplemarket’s data enabled myConversation to seal the deal with their enterprise prospect and to implement the highly sophisticated, data-driven outbound campaign sought by the client.

The team’s objective side-by-side comparison with Cognism highlighted all Amplemarket’s strengths in terms of lead generation, data enrichment, and email validation. We’re thrilled that Amplemarket’s solution could deliver top value to Nick’s team and their client!

“Not only was Amplemarket better in delivery, but overall it provided us with loads more conversations with the same email copy compared to Cognism.”


Learn more about myConversation's data-driven outreach services here and follow them on LinkedIn.

Nick Hill