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7 must-follow B2B sales leaders to nail your cold outreach & book more meetings

October 25, 2023

Arjun Krisna

In the dynamic world of B2B sales, staying ahead of the curve is more vital than ever. 

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting your journey as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) or Business Development Representative (BDR), the wisdom and insights of industry leaders can be invaluable.

At Amplemarket, we've scoured the digital landscape, carefully analyzed over 100s of LinkedIn profiles of sales leaders, and listened closely to the buzz in the sales community to identify the cream of the crop – the top LinkedIn influencers whose posts not only inspire but also offer actionable advice! 

Below is a list of thought leaders who have aced the art of cold outreach, mastered the nuances of B2B sales, and can help you book more meetings with potential clients.

How we chose these sales influencers

  • Relevant Industry Insights: Sharing posts and insights relevant to the sales industry, such as tips, strategies, or trends that can benefit aspiring sales representatives.
  • Engaging Content: Looking at the level of engagement on their posts. High likes, comments, and shares often indicate that their content resonates with the audience.
  • Practical Advice: Providing actionable advice that can be applied to real-world sales scenarios, making it valuable for those starting their sales careers.
  • Consistency: Consistent posting shows dedication and ensures that you receive a steady stream of valuable content.

Without further ado, let's meet the stars of the show and learn from the best B2B sales influencers! (in no particular order)

The top B2B sales influencers to follow today

Tyler Gruca

Tyler's LinkedIn Profile

Matthew Putnam

Matthew's LinkedIn Profile

Malvina EL-Sayegh

Malvina's LinkedIn Profile

Camilo Silva

Camilo's LinkedIn Profile

Tom Bertrand

Tom's LinkedIn Profile

James Mensforth

James's LinkedIn Profile

Sean Murray

Sean's LinkedIn Profile

Leveraging insights from B2B sales influencers

As we wrap up our journey through the world of B2B sales and the influential figures who shape it, keep in mind that success in sales is an ongoing adventure. It's not just about learning from the pros; it's also about constantly getting better and coming up with fresh ideas. Here's to your continued success and growth in the exciting world of B2B sales.

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