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Key Sales Metrics & KPI Calculator Resource [Free template]

Data, data, data - you can’t expect to grow if you have no idea where you’re starting from!

No matter how old or young your business is, metrics and KPIs should be embedded in your sales strategy.  Even if you're not a born mathematician, having access to the right numbers will eliminate a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty around growing your business:

  • It enables revenue forecasting and informs growth strategy for business leaders
  • It empowers goal-setting, performance management, and coaching for sales managers
  • It gives direction for individual reps in their prospecting, lead qualification, and pipeline management

Our Metrics Calculator resource is designed to help consolidate your team metrics and put your sales performance into perspective. Simply input your data and gain visibility over the numbers that matter.

You can use this resource in one of two ways:

  1. Use and edit the downloaded Excel file
  2. Edit via Google Sheets (in a new Google sheet go to File > Open > Upload > Find the downloaded .xlsx file).

We hope you find this resource useful!

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