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20 must-follow GTM experts who share proven frameworks for SDRs & AEs to flourish in sales

November 10, 2023

Arjun Krisna


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Get ready to embark on a journey of insights, strategies, and practical wisdom that can redefine success for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Account Executives (AEs).

In the ever-evolving landscape of sales and go-to-market strategies, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage—it's a necessity!

Below is a list of 20 dynamic Sales and Go-to-Market (GTM) leaders who are not only shaping the industry but generously sharing their wealth of knowledge on LinkedIn.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Relevant Industry Insights: Sharing posts and insights relevant to the sales industry, such as tips, strategies, or trends that can benefit aspiring sales representatives.
  • Engaging Content: Looking at the level of engagement on their posts. High likes, comments, and shares often indicate that their content resonates with the audience.
  • Practical Advice: Providing actionable advice that can be applied to real-world sales scenarios, making it valuable for those starting their sales careers.
  • Consistency: Consistent posting shows dedication and ensures that you receive a steady stream of valuable content.

Without further ado, let's meet them! (in no particular order)

Miles Kane

Miles Kane on LinkedIn

Miles Kane delivers pragmatic sales advice, focusing on the psychological shift from seeking approval to embracing rejection and breaking down complex deals into manageable victories, making his profile a must-follow for sales professionals looking to enhance their strategic mindset and achieve success.

Charles Muhlbauer

Charles Muhlbauer on LinkedIn

Charles Muhlbauer shares insightful sales strategies on LinkedIn, emphasizing proactive problem-solving to streamline the sales process, making his profile a valuable follow for professionals looking to refine their approach and tackle obstacles effectively in their sales careers.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith on LinkedIn

Richard Smith shares concise and impactful sales insights, emphasizing the importance of efficient problem identification to foster deeper client conversations, making his profile a valuable resource for salespeople aiming to refine their discovery process and sales approach.

Adam Weekes

Adam Weekes on LinkedIn

Adam Weekes brings a unique perspective to LinkedIn, highlighting the subtleties of vocal delivery in sales and advocating for meaningful engagement over mere conversion, making his profile a compelling follow for sales professionals eager to master the art of communication and build better customer relationships.

Dom Odoguardi

Dom Odoguardi on LinkedIn

Dom Odoguardi provides actionable insights for SDRs, focusing on the importance of consistency over searching for quick fixes, making his profile an excellent follow for sales professionals seeking to cultivate discipline and improve performance metrics.

Mark Kosoglow

Mark Kosoglow on LinkedIn

Mark Kosoglow encourages innovative thinking in sales, exemplified by his approach to stand out rather than conform, making his profile an essential follow for those looking to differentiate themselves and their strategies in competitive markets.

Richard Amos

Richard Amos on LinkedIn

Richard Amos shares essential strategies for social selling on LinkedIn, offering SDRs valuable guidance on how to refine their digital presence, understand their audience, and build genuine relationships, marking his profile as a go-to resource for sales professionals eager to excel in the digital sales landscape.

Taylor Corr

Taylor Corr on LinkedIn

Taylor Corr brings a focus on the foundational aspects of sales that are often overlooked, providing valuable reminders and strategies for sales managers to effectively coach their teams, making his profile a worthy follow for those in sales looking to strengthen their leadership and training methods.

Srba Markovic

Srba Markovic on LinkedIn

Srba Markovic advocates for a prospect-focused approach rather than product-centric selling, offering sales development reps (SDRs) insights on how to effectively engage with prospects, making his profile invaluable for those seeking to prioritize customer needs and improve their sales outcomes.

Ellie Emerson

Ellie Emerson on LinkedIn

Ellie Emerson provides practical advice on handling no-shows in sales meetings with grace and strategy, focusing on the importance of nurturing leads and maintaining a positive tone, making her profile a valuable follow for sales professionals looking to enhance their client communication and engagement tactics.

Jack Knight

Jack Knight on LinkedIn

Jack Knight offers valuable sales prospecting techniques on LinkedIn, emphasizing the importance of coherent branding in outbound strategies, making his profile a great resource for SDRs and sales professionals looking to optimize their email outreach and improve their online presence.

Kyle Asay

Kyle Asay on LinkedIn

Kyle Asay shares popular frameworks (like the Good Day Framework above) for sales tracking that promote consistent daily activities aligned with achieving sales quotas, making his profile an excellent follow for sales professionals seeking structured and actionable strategies to meet and exceed their targets.

Andy Laws

Andy Laws on LinkedIn

Andy Laws inspires a bold, action-driven mindset for SDRs, promoting the idea that embracing risk, rejecting self-doubt, and learning from failure can lead to rapid success, making his profile a must-follow for those in sales roles looking to break through barriers and accelerate their career growth.

Danilo Vuk Capric

Danilo Vuk Capric on LinkedIn

Danilo Vuk Capric brings a fresh perspective to sales strategies on LinkedIn, challenging conventional approaches and encouraging salespeople to innovate in their outreach tactics, making his profile a valuable follow for SDRs looking to differentiate themselves and improve their engagement with prospects.

Tyler Hickey

Tyler Hickey on LinkedIn

Tyler Hickey emphasizes the importance of empathy and relationship-building in sales, advocating for a genuine, trust-based approach to client interactions, making his profile a rich resource for sales professionals seeking to transcend transactional relationships and achieve lasting success.

William Padilla

William Padilla on LinkedIn

William Padilla inspires SDRs with his personal success story, demonstrating that dedication and measurable results can lead to advancement, making his profile an encouraging follow for sales professionals seeking motivation and strategies for career growth within their organizations.

Kyle Norton

Kyle Norton on LinkedIn

Kyle Norton emphasizes the continuous nature of the discovery process in sales, advocating for thorough preparation and strategic questioning in every customer interaction, making his profile a valuable follow for sales professionals who aim to master the art of discovery and drive meaningful conversations.

Luke Floyd

Luke Floyd on LinkedIn

Luke Floyd shifts the focus from selling to facilitating change, offering a perspective that prioritizes the buyer's journey and the impact of the sale, making his profile a crucial follow for sales professionals looking to deepen their understanding of customer needs and drive meaningful business transformations.

Fernanda Umaña

Fernanda Umaña on LinkedIn

Fernanda Umaña on LinkedIn advocates for the effectiveness of time blocking to enhance productivity and focus, providing actionable insights that can help professionals in any field manage their time more efficiently, making her profile valuable for those seeking to optimize their work habits and achieve better results.

Tito Bohrt

Tito Bohrt on LinkedIn

Tito Bohrt, known as the Sales Mad Scientist on LinkedIn, challenges common sales assumptions with data-driven insights, urging a more strategic approach to prospecting and pipeline development, making his profile a compelling follow for sales professionals seeking to drive higher conversion rates through informed strategies.

We hope you've found inspiration and actionable insights from our featured GTM leaders. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, incorporating the proven frameworks and best practices shared by these experts can undoubtedly propel your success in sales.

Make sure to follow these leaders on LinkedIn for a steady stream of wisdom, and stay tuned for more updates from the forefront of sales excellence.

Here's to your success and the flourishing journey ahead!

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