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How To Write a First Touch

The first email, also known as first touch, of a cadence is analogous to the first minutes of a conversation with a stranger - it is your only chance to create a good first impression. You have to master the art of crafting good first touch emails because they will be paramount in the success of your outbound sales strategy.

A good first touch email will entice your prospect’s curiosity while a bad one will trigger harsh replies or can even get you marked as spam. Your first email is a conversation starter, it will set the tone of the future conversation and could mark the beginning of a relationship between you and your prospect. You will not gain a new customer with a good email but you can very easily lose prospects with bad emails.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Iportance of the firsttouch 
  • Best practices
  • Importance of personalization
  • Dedining Success 
  • A/B testing 


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