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Amplemarket updates and product news - May 2023

May 25, 2023

Lottie Taylor


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More powerful personalization, boosted productivity, enhanced outbound potential; May brings another batch of Amplemarket product updates designed to make your B2B selling experience as intuitive and impactful as possible.

Check out the latest Amplemarket improvements hot-off-the-press!

1. Schedule sequences in your lead’s timezone

Maximize your chances of catching your prospect’s attention - wherever they are in the world!

With our new timezone settings, your sending window can be set to automatically adjust to each prospect to ensure you hit their mailbox at the right time. No more duplicate templates to serve different regions; Amplemarket's automation allows you to optimize your sequencing at the click of a button.

Take a look at how it works:

2. Send sequence-level data to Salesforce

Users who utilize our Salesforce integration will now enjoy better enrichment of Amplemarket activities in their CRM.

Each Activity pushed to Salesforce can be enriched with Sequence Name, Stage, Type, and Tag data, which then enables users to create customized Salesforce workflows, searches, and dashboards based on the Amplemarket activities. Tighter integration = tighter productivity!

Make even more out of our Salesforce integration with granular activity insights synced straight to your CRM.

3. AI Copywriter: new hook with every generation

Generate that winning first-touch message in even less time!

We’ve enhanced our AI Copywriter so that each time you re-generate an email it will use a different hook to create a new first-touch. Less repetition, more variety in personalization, and faster loading times make for more efficient and effective message generation!

Still not tried our GPT-4-powered AI Copywriter? Book a demo to see it in action!

First-touch personalization made faster, smarter, and more creative!

4. Dynamic Exclusion Lists

We’ve powered up your Exclusion Lists to stop you wasting time on manual updates! Your Amplemarket Exclusion List will now be updated automatically during each CRM refresh cycle, and you’ll also be able to filter Exclusions by Source and Reason for more flexibility and visibility.

Take a look at how you can use this new feature:

5. Improved LinkedIn autopilot messages 

You can now initiate LinkedIn autopilot messages even if you’ve had a previous conversation with your prospect, allowing you to engage more comprehensively with your network! Autopilot messages will only be limited if your last prospect reply was more than 1 day ago to prevent unwanted followups being sent. 

6. Like the right LinkedIn posts

If you’re worried about adding a “like last post stage” to a sequence in case the post is old and you interaction will look inorganic, we have the solution! You can now exclude posts based on a date, so Amplemarket will only run the action if the post falls in your selected time range and keep your social selling looking fresh and relevant.

Fine-tune your LinkedIn automation to keep your outbounc activities relevant.

7. Sort tasks by number of opens

Find which of your leads are showing highest engagement so you can prioritize reaching out to or calling your hottest prospects! Clicking on the “Opened” column on your Tasks page enables you to sort tasks by number of opens and organize your outreach around your most promising leads.

8. Extra Amplemarket updates

  • Post-sequence reply detection expanded to 14 days after sequence ending.
  • New sequencing stat: use the new "% Interested" metric to measure your sequence performance and gain better visibility over conversions.
  • Monthly Performance Insights get mobile support! Check your favourite outbound stats on-the-go.
  • Organization-level unsubscribe can be set by Amplemarket Account Admins to help keep communication consistent and clear across the entire company.
  • Configure your HTML email signature directly within the app and enjoy greater freedom to personalize your Amplemarket outbound.

...and of course, much, much more every week!

Follow us on social media and stay tuned for more epic updates very soon...

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