amplemarket, can you reach out to 50 VPs of Marketing in the Bay Area?

Amplemarket is your AI-powered sales assistant. You tell us who you want to reach out to and we'll get meetings in your calendar.

How it works?

Your Amplemarket Sales Assistant will take care of all your sales tasks. From prospecting, to outreach, follow-ups and scheduling of meetings.

1. Prospecting 🔎 Give us a description of your typical customer and we will generate lists of prospects.

2. Email outreach 📬 We trigger your email campaigns. If your prospects reply we take care of the entire conversation.

3. More meetings 🌟 Let us do the magic, and wait for new meetings to appear in your calendar. Focus on closing more deals.

An assistant in your inbox

from: John Doe <>

Hi Amplemarket,
Can you reach out to 50 VPs of Marketing at SaaS companies in the Bay Area?

from: Amplemarket <>

Hi John,
The lead list is ready. Should I use the email templates you uploaded?

from: John Doe <>

Yes, that's perfect. 👍

from: Amplemarket <>

Hi John,
Marc seems really interested. I just scheduled a call and sent you a calendar event for next Tuesday 10 AM PST. 📅

Contact more leads

Contact more sales prospects every day and get more hot leads

Close more deals

Focus on what is really important: Closing more deals!

Stop wasting time

Let your assistant do all the email prospecting tasks while you close deals

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Best value for money that I have ever had!

Brad CEO at DuoCircle

Thanks to Amplemarket, Castle was able to contact hundreds of qualified leads in just a few weeks with minimal time and effort on our end. Their team was able to generate a lead list that exactly matched our criteria, and the sales assistant they assigned to us began setting meetings for our team immediately. Instead of spending time going back and forth with leads over email, I had scheduled meetings appear on my calendar throughout the day. Amplemarket allowed me to spend way more time closing deals while they took care of all things email related!

Barry Director of Business Development at Castle

We started using amplemarket a few months ago and now every one of our sales reps has their own virtual assistant, allowing them to get 2x more calls on their calendars and close more deals. It just takes care of a bunch of tedious tasks my reps were spending hours a day on so that they can focus on what matters: closing!

John CEO at Monitorbook

Amplemarket is our best sales rep!

George VP of Sales at Concentric

Virtual Assistant

Want to schedule more demos? Close more deals? Increase your revenue with no effort? We can help. 🤓

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